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Two-storey modern house plan [Fachada e interiores]

Two-storey modern house plan [Fachada e interiores]

Interested in getting a beautiful two-story building that follows the current design line? Now let's review the creative work of Epstein's architect and get ideas for the next building in the house.

The appearance and appearance of the modern two-story building

Main exterior of the house (Design: Epstein Arquitectos)

The brightly colored stone blocks of the Facade Square have been applied to the garage as well as the first floor, with terra-colors on the second floor, large wooden doors in the central entrance, and polished concrete blocks.

Design of modern two-story building with swimming pool

Rear view of the house

Behind the house is a beautiful terrace and swimming pool designed with a virtual roof with circular and square perforations as constructive elements.

Side facade of a modern concrete house

Side view of the house

The construction of the house was done at the center of the plot, so you can see the video in all directions towards the garden.

Side facade of a modern concrete house 2

Side View Full View

In the profile of the house we can see the rhythm of the slanted sheep at right angles, as seen from the front of the carpet.

Exterior of modern two storey house

View of main exterior

Define practically the housing limit.

Plan of the house

The house is on the second floor and the basement serves as a cava. You can use additional space or use it as a hidden room to change or remove usage.

Underground planning for a two-story house basement

A small basement plan below the stairs

Floor plan of 1st floor

Floor plan

The main entrance, where we can see the center on the right, has a large living room and a restaurant, another restaurant on the island, a swimming pool with a large terrace at the end of the house, and a service area designed. Also in the first step.

House 2nd floor plan

Floor plan of the second floor of the house

There are three bedrooms on the second floor, one can walk around the closet, the bathroom and terrace overlook the swimming pool, and the two adjoining bedrooms share another bathroom.

Interior design of modern house

Terrace with swimming pool

Terraced design with perforated virtual roof on circular roof

Modern dining kitchen design

Restaurant and kitchen part design

Design of modern kitchen white and gray

Kitchen design with an island

If you want more ideas, enter the following: You can find the distribution of the environmental environment for the plan of the two-story house and the use of new building materials applied to each exterior wall, exterior and interior, the size of the land.

Design by Epstein Arquitectos

Housing: ST56

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