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las terrazas diseno moderno deco

If you live in an apartment with a small balcony or a house with a small outdoor area on the second floor, Terrace What you see below will give you lots of great decoration ideas. Often all decorations on the terraces are scaled down with plants, comfortable seating and solid design. Believe it or not, maximizing space does not have to be complicated. And do not fall into the trap of thinking that the balcony is too small to be enjoyed. If everyone with a compact balcony thinks that way, the world will lose incredibly innovative outdoor space.

Balcony and small terrace decor ideas

Ornaments Modern Terrace Design

Nothing is worse than a naked balcony. However, if you bring plants up a few stories high on the ground, your balcony will inherently have a natural beauty factor that enhances the wonder of spending time. Next we will see a collection of potted plants on a small balcony. Plants add color and depth to space as well as add elements of privacy.

Small balcony design with integrated cement bench

Small balcony integrated cement bench

In fact, these next balconies have floor to ceiling floors. On one side you can see stairs used as a beautiful climbing plant, vintage containers and shelves. Sometimes only a few carefully selected plants can make great decorations. In the Moroccan-style space below we see a colorful selection of flowers and fruits that decorate the rosemary pot and the brilliant brick wall nicely.

A terrace with a modern design bench

Hanging Bench Modern Terrace Design

Did you know that the same amount of design details are available on a small balcony, as in the large courtyard? In the modern outdoor space below, we see modern growers of various compositions. Consider how to place growers along the windows so that the house dwellers can enjoy them at home. The result will be a garden with a juicy effect.

Original terrace decor with cushions and patterned fabrics

Lovely decorated terrace terrace

Remember that all the details are important. Do not worry about flowers blooming beautifully on your balcony. Treat each flowerpot like a flower bed. In a close-up of space, we see a few very romantic vintage lanterns as well as pollen of selected plants.

Tiny terrace design decorated with plants

Nice staircase white stair vegetation

This next space celebrates beauty in a minimal space in the plants that change the atmosphere of the lights and spaces hanging from the walls. Do you want to spend time enjoying an oasis on the balcony? You really need some seating to relax.

Original decorative ethnic style balcony

Ethnic style balcony decoration

Good seating options do not have to be expensive. In fact, on many occasions we have already mentioned various possibilities and types of quartz made from recycled materials. For more information, see the bricomania section of the website.

Design ideas with succulent plants and original pots

Terrace Design rusatica decacion

If you have more space in the courtyard, you can eat outdoors with tables and chairs. Why not? Who does not want to enjoy good meals and refreshing drinks in the Mediterranean courtyard? Even small tables and chairs can provide ample space to enjoy a glass of wine and delicious food with friends and family in the afternoon.

Simple folding furniture layout on a small terrace

Furniture set sencillons terrace wood

A big part of the patio design is to clarify priorities. On a smaller terrace, you may have to make an important decision. Do you want to sit and enjoy the scenery? Or do you want to have a breakfast and dinner place? Do not be afraid to fill the space with things you love. For example, the set of furniture shown below is very introverted and practical for what it is worth.

Original small balcony decorated with lanterns

Round a small lamp decoration.

In addition, built-in growers can enjoy a little greenery for residents. But simplicity also has strength. Resist the temptation to saturate space with ornaments if you want a quiet place where you can enjoy the sight with your friends or loved ones. Consider the sophisticated elegance of this rustic balcony. The wooden bench set is ideal for a larger terrace. You can cover them with different cushions to get the best style.

Terrace patio design with ethnic style decoration

Deco Mexican Style Terrace Cactus

However, you may be surprised at how much you can actually get into the balcony space. In the following image, we can see a set of comfortable seats and potted plants. All of these elements can be found on natural wood backgrounds and are really nice and cozy.

Beautiful terrace decor with lots of candles and vibrant colors of cushions

Terrace decoration many candles

Also, considering special details such as carpets and tablecloths, it can be an element that adds color to the space. Patterns and themes of style are also seen great in outdoor space, and play combining them to achieve the decoration as a texture.

Terrace decoration design with many plants and white potted plants

Decorative terrace cat flowerpots

Do not underestimate the force around the terrace. Opening the door creates a sense of space, but if you put a bench next to it, you can enjoy the style in a place where you can relax. It combines element and style while expressing impeccable decoration in consideration of the characteristics of the balcony. Consider appropriate lighting and highlight some elements of the ornament (eg table and some plants).

Simple and original decorative ideas for terraces and balconies

Contemporary Decorator with Terrace

Choose brightly colored furniture and accessories on the balcony. Let's make it look nice and spend the summer. The design style depends on your personal taste, but you should not be afraid to add color notes. Take time to design the space. Plan the design of features such as seats and floors and strategically integrate colors to create an environment you are looking for.

Design an outdoor seating area with seating and dining furniture

Decorative Terrace Bedside Table

Combine complementary colors to bring joy and vitality to the place. Or you can choose a pastel shade on the other and create the sweetest and most charming shabby chic decor. Next, in the image above, we can see a small balcony with different decorations. The style shows a very warm special note thanks to the emergence of plants.

Terrace decor ideas with pleasant seats and potted plants

Terrace striped armchairs decorate.

It integrates design information of various heights to attract attention to space. For example, there are several plants behind the sofa below. The wood finish that matches the table adds warmth. Filling the walls of plants in the form of authentic vertical gardens is another of our star ideas for balconies and small staircases. Many balconies claim to be proud of carefully placed objects, but balconies may contain practical elements as needed.

Original terrace design with wooden platform and padded sheets

Design decorative terrace origjnal

It is about how elements are integrated into space. For example, below, we saw a small terrace converted into authentic space with an outdoor terrace. But when we come back to the balcony design with space for rest and plants, the next image shows the balcony with simple and efficient decoration.

Modern rustic style terrace decoration design

Modern Terrace Design

Some plants, which create minimalist objects and a beautiful, calm atmosphere, are placed in a modern space. Creating your own planters can be a fairly simple task. Let's take an example of this image. Several cement blocks are piled up and painted. With a hanging chair, you can turn your little terrace into your favorite corner of the house.

Original terrace decor design with lanterns and candles

Terrace Decoration Lantern Candle

You can hang it on the ceiling or support the chair independently and put it in the right place for you. Or, if you prefer, you can turn your little balcony into a stylish living room with modern decor. The floor type you choose will have a big impact on the shape of your balcony. The colored tiles have a modern look and at the same time the balcony gives the impression of continuity inside the house.

Super modern terrace design with integrated wooden bench

Modern integrated bench terrace

Terracotta tiles with rough surfaces warm the balcony. Clay is especially suitable for buildings affected by the Mediterranean and gives a natural feel. The floor covered with wooden tiles also affects small stairs. The wooden floors add a rustic accent, a natural atmosphere, a blend of tradition and modernity.

Stunning modern terrace design with wicker furniture

Design the most modern terraces.

Try something new. Certainly, flowers and flower boxes are classic and beautiful options. But why add a small garden with herbs, an orchard with vegetables, or a rock garden? All types of gardens can thrive on the balcony when planting in the proper container.

Small terrace decor with furniture and recycled elements

Furniture Terrace Wine Box Tree

Adding slices is a special factor. People with balconies rarely use the opportunity to place sculptures. But if you think about it, the balcony is the perfect place to be. Find heavy sculptures designed to withstand various weather and wind conditions.

Experiment and combine ornaments on the terrace and balcony.

Decorative objects Terrace Balcony

In many parts of the world, you can enjoy your balcony for months. Therefore, use it as often as possible. If you use it on a regular basis, you have a lot of ideas to improve. On the other hand, if we are lucky enough to have a big balcony or terrace, the chances are great. Obviously you can experience much more when you create an environment to relax, eat and enjoy.

Original terrace design with modern wood burning fireplace

Originally chinmeena integradaleña moderna

The large terraces are ideal for adapting to our needs. We have commented that basic elements like solon or ancillary tables make things much easier. When divided into sections, large terraces are usually allocated dining areas.

Original chair set for heavenly terrace

Original set colored blue armchair

This is most common on small balconies that can be solved with folding tables and chairs. On the large terraces, however, the problematic part sometimes occupies the space exactly. When we are in this type of situation, the solution is not to add more furniture.

Original decoration of small blacon with wooden elements

Original decorative blacon tree

Visual balance is important. The most recommended method for this type of terrace is to create various areas for various uses. Kitchen, outdoor living room and dining room are some of them. Those who like to read even some sunbeds for sunbathing and reading are perfect.

Textile and original small terrace decor

A simple terrace with original decoration

It is an ideal place to party with family and friends. To find furniture, it's a good idea to take a look around the terrace. If you are in the indoor courtyard without being present, you must prioritize the plant. The idea is to create a kind of oasis by strategically placing plants.

Wonderful terrace design decorated with plants on the wall

Original Super Terrace Decoration

Lighting in the same way should be focused on creating a minimalist design. Remember that regardless of the size of the terrace or balcony, the choice of furniture must be based on resistance. Of course, without losing comfort at the center of design. If it is space without closing the effect of the sun.

Original small terrace design with hammock

Original design terrace hammock hanging

Even moisture and wind influences furniture. There are many possibilities in the enclosure to improve the comfort and steps to secure a shaded area with furniture on the terrace. You can think of a partial or full enclosure operation. Finally, it is best not to limit air circulation. The wooden dividers look great and maintain a perfect natural image for outdoor space.

The original set of wooden dining room furniture for the terrace and balcony

Original wood furniture set

Awnings are another effective option and would be somewhat economical to create shadow areas along the model. If there is enough space, Perugola is not a bad idea on the terrace surrounded by plants. As we mentioned, the power of enlightenment can not be underestimated. At night, you will always need more than decorative detail for a variety of activities.

Small terrace design converted into a studio or office with an outside terrace

Original Decorative Terrace Studio

We have mentioned several options throughout the post to illuminate the terrace. But in general, ethnic design requires a soft light that appeals to this style. Conversely, a modern, minimalist space can have much brighter lighting.

Modern terrace decor in minimalist style

Originally designed roof terrace tree

Specialty stores have many lamp models that can adapt to these styles and some styles. The sun spheres in some corners seem to be marvelous. In the same way, a well-placed light fixture in some strategic areas improves the image of the terrace.

Great idea to make a unique concrete block planter

Cultivator The grower painted a cement block.

When working with lighting, the most important thing is that the lighting can reach the area of ​​interest indirectly. For an outdoor dining room, you need to allocate lighting directly at mealtime. So the idea is to assign the right type of light to each activity on the terrace.

Original terrace design with hanging chairs and vertical gardens

Bamboo Terrace Deco Chair

We hope you have enjoyed this decorative idea of ​​our articles and balconies and small terraces, we will be back soon with more news and trends about decoration and interior design, please visit our website.

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Small terrace design with wooden cladding and wicker nest chairs

Armchair bed nest wicker terrace

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Original small terrace decor

Terrace and small balcony floor design ideas

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