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Swimming pool and modern house design

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We will find a beautiful house design with a swimming pool on uneven terrain. The dangerous flow of roofs and floors makes the house stand out in the middle of the landscape.

Modern house design with swimming pool built on slope

House exterior (Photo: Paulo Baptista / Design by Mario Martins Atelier)

The beautiful exterior of the house, characterized by a large roofed concrete structure that gives the site a modern and impressive image.

The exterior of the swimming pool is coated with dark stone integrated with the landscape.

Uneven house exterior design

The exterior of a house built on a slope

The land terrain was sloped to create spaces in the lower part for parking and used pillars and proper foundation to obtain dangerous structures.

Perspective of a house built on pardon

It emphasizes the impressive aspect of providing roof and floor flights

From this point of view, the house is open to the outside with a large window that goes from floor to ceiling over two floors.

Photo of a modern house built on a slope

View profile at night

In the indoor environment, the residents can actually see the landscape of approximately 270 °. You can see the window design without having a visually disturbing frontal structure.

Pool mirror of modern house

Interior space Pool design serving as mirror of decorative water

Designed with interesting points for residents and visintantes apart, the two pools serve as decorative elements that are also mirrors of the water, and enhance their beauty as seen in the photos at night.

Modern house pool design on level floors

Photo taken with pool

Night view of modern house in factory

We can see the impressive flow of the second level.

Exterior of modern apartment

View the state's state income

The main income of the house is from the back. We had to use the uneven terrain to win the best view (as shown in the previous picture).

Detail of the main entrance of a modern house

Structures that layer major income into modern housing

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Design by: Mario Martins Atelier

Housing: Sernadinha

Photo: Paulo Baptista