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Square housing design with plan and face

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We will analyze the modern house design of square concrete built by the architectural studio Villar Watty Arquitectos and we will find the importance of proper zoning to find the best view in the proposal.

Modern rectangular housing exterior design

Square exterior with concrete structure (architecture: Villar Watty Arquitectos / Photo by Diego Serratos)

The exterior of the house uses a solid rusted concrete structure that is fully integrated with the color of the surrounding landscape, and there are also timber veneers.

Concrete appearance of factory building

Front view of the house

Square house design

Looking at some slopes, we can see the path of the stone and the steps on the left.

Section of square house

Side appearance view

Circulation or concrete delivery around the house has been considered convenient.

Photo of openwork ceiling with concrete structure

View of a part of a terrace with a concrete beam ceiling for passage of light behind the window

Details made of of concrete and ...

We can see details such as porosity and joints of each block.

Flat plane

Flat design of rectangular house

House plan

The central axis of the square house is a large social space consisting of a terrace (6) and a swimming pool (13). To complement the central public space, there is a private room with a bathroom (3) . The following diagram shows very well.

Square Housing Zone Chart

In the central social area there are two best visuals on both sides (see circle image) and the main entrance is in the center.

Interior Design

Modern House Restaurant Design

View of room on terrace

When the room and terrace space are combined into a large social space, we can see that the interior is also made of concrete exposed to the wooden veneer on the wall that follows the design line from the exterior.

Square pool design

Terrace and Pool Design

Wood Dining Room Design

A beautiful view of the social realm

To get more ideas, type the following: Small square house design and square house plans (two models).

Design by Villar Watty Arquitectos

Photo: Diego Serratos

Via: Arquitour