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Small apartment design

Construye Hogar

We want to analyze the small department and interior design of the Belmont Stream Complex, an NK Architects project that uses sustainable and renewable building materials such as LED lighting, reflective roofs (which cool the interior and save energy in the air conditioner). , Among other advantages), passive cooling and environmentally friendly construction systems.

Small apartment plan

One-Bedroom One-Bedroom Apartment Plan (Belmont Stream)

On the first plane you can see the main entrance on the bottom right. There is a wide circulation space connecting all rooms. If you can access it from the outside, there may be an entrance in the central part (in front of the kitchen). .

Single room apartment plan

Small 1 Bedroom Apartment (Belmont Stream)

In the second model, we can see that there is more privacy between social areas (living room, dining room and kitchen) and private bedroom (bedroom) because of the indirect communication. There is a toilet (with laundry space). The ideal form for the center.

Small mini-apartment plan

Flat Mini Apartment (Belmont Stream)

The third model is ideal when there is very little space. You can include social and private realms in one place, but there are alternatives you can see in Construye Hogar. Provides space and comfort.

Belmont Stream's sustainable department interior design

Interior design allows you to see alternatives to the plan you just saw and include a bedroom on the second or second floor as an ideal way to distribute the environment with high ceilings.

Mini Room Design

View of Big Window (Belmont Stream) Restaurant

The ceiling is high and the living room and dining room are very bright. The bedroom you will see below maximizes space through the kitchen.

2 bedroom apartment design

The bedrooms are located on the second floor (downtown Belmont).

If you have decided on this type of solution for your apartment's internal space distribution, it may be helpful to review the following: Modern small apartment with one bedroom with mezzanine and one bedroom with mezzanine.


Sustainable Apartments (Belmont Stream)

To get more ideas, visit the following website: 3D Apartment Plans 3D apartment plans where you can find a series of examples to help you choose the best distribution for your house or apartment.

Design by NK Architects

Building: Downtown Belmont

Images: Belmont Stream

Via: Inhabitat