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Rustic and modern apartment design

Rustic and modern apartment design

I am interested in modifying or designing a unique department that combines two styles. You will now find a model that allows you to pick the finest materials for architectural finishes and colors. You will also learn how to maximize space and make it versatile. .

Design and decoration of small apartment

Bedrooms (2nyad) on the island and middle mezzanine

The metal pillars of the apartment and the existing wooden beam are kept in a rustic feel, but with modern materials combined in the kitchen and living room as shown. next.

Small kitchen rustic kitchen design

Small kitchen design with island

The kitchen combines two types of melamine colors, so the furnishings with stoves are of natural color, but the island is pure white and the roof is of a type with a beam exposed to the wood. Decoration of whole apartment

Rustic apartment design

Small conference room decoration

The brick exposed in the room was left on the front wall, white with white walls with exposed ceilings as well as other walls, and the tone of the roofing with a wooden floor combined with two shades (natural and walnut).

Stair design of drawers and stairs

Staircase design

All mini-apartments need to maximize space. For example, you can use a staircase as an ideal place to store your wardrobe or put it in your closet. You can review this type of solution. Modular furniture for apartments.

Apartment bathroom design

Bathroom Design

Models in the bathroom were built with rustic wooden flooring but combined with elegant beige tone rectangular tiles.

To get ideas for a room layout, type: If you are interested in 3D apartment planning and decorations: combine rustic and modern decor with your apartment.

Design: 2nyad

Apartment: Crane Residence NYC

Photo by Nico Arellano

Via: Houzz