Romantic cottage for the garden

cabaña romantica jardin

I do not have Home garden, I like to find decorative ideas for this part of the house. I have always seen original ideas that can take advantage of all that space. My favorite thing is to be able to include extra corners and private corners to break the connection. So this house immediately enchanted me as I saw it.

A perfect place to relax in your own home and be alone. Actually Two heights It seems to me much more practical. Because the bottom part A very cozy area To allow children to play; The upper part is the ideal resting place. Although this is not practical at this time, it is a good idea for summer nights.

Thanks to its size, it seems to be a resting place; It can also be a hut that can be shared, played, and rested as a couple.

I think it is a good idea for everyone who enjoys a spacious garden at home. Relaxation space and games, where the whole family can enjoy.

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