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Pergolas de madera practical design with 42 creative ideas

suelos madera especiales conceptos sillones colgantes

The garden time will be longer before a warm day. So it is time to make this space a real functional area. The options vary according to our interests. You can make a practical living room with furniture to relax outdoors.

Perugola design for wood for pleasant dining

Wooden pergolas design restaurant red line

Small tables, cushions and luminaries can be a good start. If our resting space wants to leap over traditional umbrellas, a puddle can be the solution. Especially wood pergola, fresh and modern design.

Perugola design for arched roofed trees

Tree pergolas design gravel effect grass

Generally, pergolas is a very special element to create a personal space. With a bit of ingenuity, we can decorate it in a different way than we can see today. Like an umbrella or a tent we can create a superb shaded space.

Colorful textile detail and other plant decoration

Wooden pergolas design lanterns orange carpet

In particular, the traditional design of wood purger gives a very elegant feel to the garden. On many terraces, pula gora is considered an extension of them. In addition to the practical aspect is visually superior to other options.

Hanging pots are decorated for plants and outdoor dining.

Cool Hanging Wood Perugola Design

Besides being a reference point to our courtyard, it is an excellent protection. The rays of the sun or intense rain mainly. When you choose a plant to fill your life, all effects are complete. In addition to wood perforators of modern or traditional design, there are related resources.

Interesting blue tint on furniture and covers

Tree pergolas design line blue shadow

Among the most common types, metals and stones are equally beautiful. They are materials that enable stable structure and high strength. In the same way, we tend to be more expensive, so we must value the budget we want to allocate.

Modern concept with wood of bright tone and metallic structure

Wooden pergolas modern design metal lighting

Regardless of the material in general, pergolas will be a space for recollection and relaxation. The celebration will find them to be perfect scenarios. You can also start your day with a meal or have a simple breakfast outdoors.

Decorated with plants in pots for areas of pergola

Patio Color Chair Persona Design

In wood pergolas, the type of traditional or modern design wood is important. Hardness in the usual form is related to quality and resistance. We can not forget that they are structures that will undergo different climate changes.

Suggested design of external common area

Wooden Perugola flat design table

Wood is special because of the great potential it offers. Forms and sizes can vary in constructive problems. Especially because we can use a variety of means to tailor it to our needs.

Rock-based model for kitchen with furniture

Wooden pergolas design special arch rock

Then we need to customize them according to our taste. The choice of wood is also a fairly extensive problem. By default, you can select three groups with many options. The first is of tropical origin.

Flower pots and enclosures with fabric on one side

Wood Perugola design color special cushion

Within this group, Rocco and Sipo are very famous. For American walnuts, American oak and cherry are also very resistant. Cedar, beech and pine as well as other European options that can be useful.

Light-tone small wooden model for outdoor living room

Wooden pergolas design triangular roof windows

In all groups there are many options for wood ficolls of modern or traditional design. Our decision must take into account various factors. The first of these is the budget we want to dedicate to our pergola.

Columns, rock pillars for outdoor dining

Arch Building Rooftop Fountain

In the same way, where we find it is important. In some spaces, such factors as the wind can be affected. The isolated pergola of the garden and the pergola of the wall are not the same. The timber selected for this project must be handled.

It is decorated with artistic counterfeit elements.

Special moments of grass colored chimney

This is the best way to ensure long-term durability. Failure to observe this step can cause damage to the structure due to moisture or temperature changes. In many pergolas, pressure-treated pine is one of the most used trees.

Model located in the terrace space, plant decoration

Natural grass moment tree color

Resistance to fungi and insects is remarkable with the aging of the wood itself. You can add a special layer of paint to make it more resistant. It will be very useful for our decoration. This will be a fantastic opportunity to insert color notes that make this space more externally exclusive.

Kitchen notebook and bed basics

Kitchen exterior wall rock brick

Of the above, cedar is one of the preferred ones. Resistance to deformation due to moisture or insect attack. In general, wood pergola is much cheaper than aluminum models and other materials.

Ideas to reveal a fool at night

Colorful Side Elements Basic Elements

In addition, the cozy and warm effect of wood is excellent for the outside. The fundamental aspect is the image that must always be made for wood puggelas of modern or traditional design. Its decoration is a special detail that must be done to account for the different areas that make up them.

Supports light tone decorated with lamp

Outdoor lighting for metal tiles

There are special effects on columns and columns. They are a fundamental part of the structure and will look great with pictures engraved on the trees. Another variation can be applied to create greater privacy.

Attractive design to close the curtain side

Curtain covered column traditional rock

You can add a decorative window to either side. Another basic space will be a roof with numerous creative options. So we will have various ways of giving different and personalized contacts to our pergola.

Beautiful traditional model, wooden furniture

Elegant functional concept furniture lagoon

The decoration of pergola is finished with plants. Another factor that gives us great possibilities due to the diversity of our choices. If we analyze it in detail, the main structure other than the sculpture can be decorated in different ways.

Decorative corners with small wooden partitions

Diagonal Furniture Decoration Corner

Columns are different from the rest because they can be given different colors with paint. Likewise, we can draw different patterns according to our personal preferences. They can be part of nature, like plants, flowers or birds.

Beautiful idea to climb plants and other people in the pot

Fountain courtyard color ticket sample line

As we mentioned that one of the sides could be closed with a wooden partition. This compartment can provide an ideal niche in the shade. Having a more intimate space is also an important factor.

Rustic atmosphere is covered with funny, waterproof fabric

Waterproof special material gravel environment

Curtains on the side of the wooden Perugolas traditional design can be a great complement. They are ideal for purgers heading to the living room for outside or dining. In addition to elegance, it is special to reduce the occurrence of wind and to make shade.

Wooden pergola pinned to the side of a house

Fun sample kitchen with sofas sunbathing

The way the ceiling is decorated must be functionally aesthetic. You can choose a roof-like roof. Polycarbonate covers in particular, otherwise awnings can be equally useful.

Modern concept with a combination of materials

Garden Large Chair Fountain Gravel Trees

A special way to decorate can be the mesh of natural fibers. In particular, bamboo can give a very original feel. We can also maintain the natural air that the tree gives us in any space. The decoration of Perugola is not the same without plants.

Light tone wood variants for small living rooms

Side flower moment Fountain stone

They can be used in a variety of ways for decorative purposes. Plants can be located around the pergola. Likewise, the inner area of ​​the pot. In this case, the style of the pot is also a fundamental detail.

Decorate a flower in a bowl of bright color

White flower pot mirror chair concept

The best part is that there is a certain harmony in terms of hue and design according to our pergola. Another popular resource for pergolas is climbing plants. It is really necessary if we want to show off a nice look at Lars.

Modern solution with waterproof cover

Modern function modern roof concept

The choice of these plants should take into account such factors as climate. These plants receive sunlight directly. Especially if they cover the top of the pergola as a supplement to the roof. As always, it is important to ensure good soil that promotes plant development.

A warm atmosphere for the appearance of modern design

Modern lighting ribbon cushion effect

Important details in the use of plants, wood pergolas designs and others are space. According to space, we can base our choices on something specific. For smaller pergolas, it is necessary to avoid visible species.

Tree bark combined with metal structure

Modern image concept plants

For example, Rose is inappropriate for these dimensions. The best way to make space look beautiful and colorful is to bet on diversity. If we have several species, we will always have flowers in different flowering periods.

Unsealed Segment for External Modern Living Room

Modern special concept wall color

As a result, we can be a great blend of colors and incense that allows flowers to flow at any time of the year. One of the special species may be climbing roses. It is special to reproduce various senses such as specific perfume romanticism. Your images are unique with the right lighting.

Contrasting wood design in dark tone

Dark lacquered lanterns

It is a great weapon in terms of decoration because of the great stem of the wooden puddle. The decor is better complemented with furniture. Especially the material that enhances the natural accent of our garden.

Cozy space with warm tones of light

Special night scenery event flowers

Wicker furniture is one of furniture that is durable in tradition. Factors such as maintenance and design. The effect can be completed in an interesting way by adding a wooden floor. The furniture being placed will have a much more interesting contrast.

Sample of a small platform in the backyard

Patio Recliner Emblem Step Mulch

If we have more time, furniture can be created by ourselves. This will be very useful for space utilization. Especially because we can make what we measure. In particular, there are a few options that make palettes useful.

Small space decorated with light cushions

Small side recliner area chair

We simply need to find the option that best matches our intent. Restoring some of the unused people can be an economical way to decorate our pergola. The essential thing is to relax with comfortable furniture.

Roof ornamental plant climbing

Small natural, simple and colorful effect

Enjoying outdoor meals and meals in a comfortable environment is mainly related to furniture. Just like furniture, you can make a wooden fur collar of modern and traditional design.

Ideas for a functional and rustic environment

Green concept effective flower platform

It is important to define the design if it is our desire. I especially refer to the decorations and images of my house. The choice of material should match the climate of the place where it will be installed. As we initially said, it must resist all kinds of meteorological attacks.

Natural and contrasting cushion of color

Platform idea walkway fountain

The interesting fact about its construction is the use of bolts and screws. Unlike nails, the entire structure of Perugola is more resistant. Over time, this is important for the safety of the entire structure. It is an essential aspect as to tree pergolas design and others.

Enclosures with small wooden plates

Pink Cushion Lovely Cushion Flower

Here we leave some suggestions that can be used as a basis for any design. 42 great ideas to undoubtedly change the image of every courtyard. Relax in an exciting space and enjoy good weather.

Three tone wood pergola

Rustic natural color effect chimney

Interesting decorated with hanging flowers

Special concept hanging wooden floor armrest

An ideal complement for an outside pond

Traditional Elegant Concept of Font Bridges