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Perfect plants and flowers to cover your garden soil –

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In our article today we would like to talk about you. Plants and Flowers Suitable for garden floors. If you are looking for an alternative to green grass, today we will suggest a few and do not miss these 24 images.

Upholstery and flowers for garden floor

Giant Plants and Flowers Deco Garden

There are plant species that can be called as interior decoration. This plant usually grows at a lower height but extends across the width. They often endure the most difficult soil and darkest conditions. Also, keep in mind that plants that prefer shade are usually lower altitudes.

Shrub shrub with brightly colored flowers

Bush Flower Purple Garden

They are also a feature of this plant, also called "rastreras" or "cubresuelos". Because it grows under the shade of a tree and does not need to disturb them. The reason for its lower altitude is that the plant that prefers the sun looks for its rays.

Beautiful carpet factory decorating the garden floor

Beautiful Garden Upholstery Factory

We recommend that you choose the type of perennial and colorful plants for your garden soil; See them stay over land level all year and always look green. In this way, we will decorate the garden floor that will last throughout the year.

Creative ideas for planted courtyards and garden decorating

Meadow Soil Garden Lawn Deco

Some of these cover plants may be suitable for frost free places. However, it is advisable to cover the garden floor with species other than one or two years. Bear in mind that frost can damage the plants themselves and can cause problems with the roots, especially if the plants are for a warm climate.

Good choice of upholstery plants for garden soil

A pretty choice of garden plants

The cover plants you choose should be chosen based on the location of the farm area. Ensure that they are in areas that are easily accessible and that they can be maintained correctly. In addition, another interesting fact associated with shade plants and flowers is that the green color of their leaves is usually darker than that of plants that want more sun.

Garden soil with decorative herbs and plants

Mossy garden

Among the benefits of this type of plant, we have found that it eliminates the emergence of weeds and reduces the evaporation of soil exposed to the open air. With these plants and moss in this way you can create a very original decoration in your garden. With some tiles, the chessboard can have the effect of turning the tiles into some pictures of the grass.

Types of upholstery for garden floor

White Flower Garden Soil Deco

Some plant species and cover flowers can also act as filters to prevent air wastage. You can place a shrub covering to separate multiple areas in your garden. In addition, these plants and flowers also create a carpet of colors in your garden that helps complete the decoration.

Decorate your garden with carpet plants of different species.

Marilla decorated with marble

The list of plant and flower species is really long, and great things can be combined together to create a beautiful garden landscape. Also when you combine the colors of this flower the carpets are created filled with life and colors.

Types of carpet plants that live under trees

Garden decorative floor plant floor

It is also known that these plants are ideal for creating a maintenance background for bulbs. Another good idea is to make natural garden decorations with different colors and textures. Remember that one of the parts you can use to plant is under the tree. In this way, the tree will create a shade that guarantees where the plants live.

Creative ideas for decorating garden floors with cover plants

Creative Ideas Flooring Garden

As for the planting process, it is clear that there is a need to prepare the soil in advance. Remove from the weeds and pay special attention to things that are perennial and hard to eradicate. As with all plants, the earth must be prepared and in some cases a weaver should be used to remove weeds.

Selection of plants and flowers to decorate the garden floor

Soil of plants and flower fields

The distance between plants and plants is the distance of its mature copy. You can cover the darkest corners of your garden with them. This way you can add fun colors. Also, keep in mind that plants and flowers are well suited to the interior as well as the garden.

Garden decorations with brightly colored flowers as shrubs and plants

Original shrub deco garden soil

Each plant knows about the specific management of the tapizante in advance, and some of them can step on, while others know they can step on. In this way you can also bet on the decoration of the garden which consists of the original combination of colors and shapes.

Decorate the border and garden path with colorful plants and flowering plants.

Garden ground grass rose flowers

Adding plants to the path and garden path decorations is a great idea, either between tiles or on the side. In this way, the floor will be covered with a very nice, vibrant color. Besides the color of these plants you can combine them to create a very nice and interesting combination.

Select Garden Decorative Plants

Garden floor decorated with white flowers

Then we will talk about specific species of plants and flower tapizantes. In this way you will be able to see each specific characteristic and you will have a clearer idea of ​​which ones you choose to decorate your garden's soil.

Nasturtium plants or blooming flowers

Blood of nasturtium flowers

The Tropaeolum Majus plant, also known as Capropina or Flor de la Sangre, is native to the United States. It is an annual climbing plant that usually has a beautiful red or bright orange flower. However, we should consider the origin because it will provide much information about the climate of the plant.

Tapizante Dalmatia or Campanula Muralis Plants

Dalmatian Bell or Campanula Muralis

The Campanella Dalmatia or Campanula Muralis plants shown in the picture above are long bloomed and are rich in blue violet flowers in the form of species. This plant is ideal for blooming small garden surfaces located in a semi-shade. This half-shade can be found under a tree that is not too thick.

Decoration factory Sagina subulée or Sagina subulata

Sagina subulée or Sagina subulata

As we can see, Sagina subulée or Sagina subulata is excellent for covering soil and can replace turf without damage. Its small white flowers are very good. Growth is fast, but the height does not exceed 20cm. He asks me to give him water on a regular basis. He likes fresh, spilled soil and the sun. Excludes frequent pedestrian traffic. In other words, be careful not to step on.

Garden soil decorated with wild thyme plants or Typhus serpyllum

Wild thyme, Thymus serpyllum

The impressive purple wild thyme, Thymus serpyllum, is fragrant and decorative. Flowers bloom from May to September. This plant grows in bright land, dry limestone and solid leaves throughout France. However, the management and maintenance of these plants should also be considered. The reason is that climbing plants spreads in all areas, so we have to cut out the plants.

Plant dandelion or dandelion

Dandelion, dandelion, balsam, sword herb, sea figure or cape pig

These beautiful plants, which can be seen in the image above, have many cultures, such as dandelion, neon-of-Leon, balsam, calf herb, sea figure or cape figure. It grows like a carpet and should not be stepped on. It blooms in late winter and early spring. It has a yellow variant that grows in the field and is most commonly seen.

Beautiful Garden Pebbles Flox Mosgoso Ornament

Flox moss pink color

The above image has a beautiful garden full of Flox Mosgoso. This prominent plant is great for decorating for rockery, borders, beds or tapestries and landscapes. Combine with other flowers of different colors to complete the color of the carpet.

Beautiful garden covered with green vegetation

Covered garden-covered plants

I hope this article helps you. We will soon return to more articles related to interior design and gardening. Do not forget to visit the website where you can find interesting information.

Place a carpet plant that grows under the tree.

Decorate a garden plant