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Ideas to enjoy good weather!

mobiliario muebles terraza sillas playa conjuntos

The idea of ​​sunbathing in the comfort of being outdoors is always welcome. Reading a book or taking a good nap is a good reason to choose your garden furniture appropriately. We can choose garden furniture solutions according to your personal taste or space. The same is true of other accessories such as umbrellas or …

Garden & Terrace

Garden Design: Modern, Dangerous … Unique!

plantas jardines fuente paisajismo moderno diseño

Changes in temperature and other weather conditions often affect our gardens. Something we do not enjoy is to see how some of the courtyard begins to die. Especially when talking about extreme heat. Heat also makes it difficult to work in the garden at that time of the year, and sometimes it is difficult to …

Garden & Terrace

Minimalist garden decor for all tastes

decoración de jardines minimalista tumbonas curvas naranja

Minimalist garden decor with straight and neutral colors. A very open space without obstacles gives us a feeling of greater freedom. This is the goal of today's minimalist fashion for minimalist gardening, where we will provide some tips for achieving this harmony of outdoor space. Very modern furniture with minimalist garden decor The materials used …

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Plants, over your tropics in your garden.

jardin tropical flores jardineria paisajismo moderno

Do you live in some parts of the world where very hot summers are normal and winter temperatures can drop below zero? Is it a tropical climate? Well, we can turn that problem up and add a little bit of tropical plants. This plant adds great color and contrasts the environment. The most convenient way …

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Ideas for outdoor plants, a garden of dreams!

plantas de exterior aromatica sombra planta serpiente

Finding outdoor plants that tolerate climate change can sometimes be complicated. It also happens when we decide to give our garden fresh air with plants that accept the shade. These outdoor plants are usually very resistant because they are less dependent on sunlight. They are very suitable for shade areas under large trees. We may …

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Outdoor dining furniture terrace

muebles de jardin colorido madera luz

Good weather is approaching and it is time to prepare a garden to meet around the table in sunny weather. Today we offer great ideas for decorating the gardens with the most suitable terrace furniture for each style and the bold examples of our choices to attribute to lunch and dinner abroad. Terrace furniture with …

Garden & Terrace

Rugged outdoor plants – the easiest place to care for

plantas de exterior resistentes cactuses redondos

For gardens that have to overcome very high temperatures, we offer a variety of outdoor plants that resist the sun. These plants brighten free space by giving life conditions and colors. Because every garden requires living plants, regardless of the conditions in which it is found, we will always try to find the best outdoor …