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Modern kitchen design with island

Construye Hogar

After we delivered: Let's look at a series of kitchen designs now with a variation that should see a series of articles but an island or countertops will in some cases improve functionality and make it more visually appealing.

Kitchen model with floating island

Modern kitchen island built in white furniture, has achieved beautiful effect with decorative glass decoration (Kimd2010)

Modern kitchen design with glass table

A simple kitchen island with wooden floors and glass covers was virtually separated by a false backlit ceiling (Vladimirradutnyarchitects).

Modern kitchen design with island

Modern kitchen design with white countertops and furniture "leaf" (idj01) serves as a false ceiling to limit the square space of the kitchenette and design

Now we will see a good solution for the apartment. It is a cooking island that can be folded easily.

Kitchen design with floating island

Kitchen island with additional folding bar (Fredrickdawson)

Kitchen design with Glass Island 2

The crystals protrude from the kitchen cabinet (Vladimirradutnyarchitects).

Kitchen design with red furniture

Red furnishings and countertops and black kitchen islands have an interesting effect on the house of a young and modern appearance (nancyinform).

Modern kitchen design with island

The kitchen island has a circular shape that allows you to put more sidewalks in addition to the functional ones (megalopter).

Black and white modern kitchen

White counter (megabuilders) decoration with black kitchen furniture

Modern timber kitchen and marble countertops

The combination of the very best materials is wood (floor and / or kitchen furniture) and white color, where the perfect combination (davidedelmanarchitects)

The space created below the stairs can be used with floating islands, and people can practice their work habits in the dry cleaning, as shown in the following photo.

Kitchen design under the stairs

Kitchen design with island below stairs (dmaxphoto)

If you are considering this space, please enter the kitchen apartment designed under the stairs.

Floating Kitchen Design

A perfect example of floating, minimalist cuisine (katdalene)

Kitchen design with an island

Kitchen island with organic design (talbot le page design)

And finally we will look at the modern kitchen. There is a Floating bar, a style we saw: a kitchen with an artist in Construye Hogar.

Kitchen design with dining room art

Large floating kitchen island with white ABS chair (leich westchester kitchens)

For more ideas, type: Kitchen Island Design is the 40-plus model that helps you complement your design ideas to get the kitchen you've always dreamed of.

Via: Houzz