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Modern House Design 2nd Floor and Plan

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We analyze the interior design and planning of a two-story building using contemporary decorative and constructive elements to achieve remarkable results. The following models will inspire you if you are trying to renovate or build a new home.

Interior decoration of modern house

Design a restaurant and kitchen background (Design: Svoya Studio / Photo: Tanya Kovalenko)

In the first floor decor, modern equipment was used as a hanging lamp of modern design with constructive elements such as concrete stairs with zigzag profiles.

Interior decoration of modern room

Concrete stairway view of a room with a large circular lamp in the center in the foreground

Concrete Zigzag Stair Design

Zigzag-shaped concrete staircase design

Restaurant design with ceiling lamp

Design a small restaurant in front of an island kitchen

Interior design on the second floor

Design of modern dining lamps

Full view of a room with a double ceiling when viewed from the second floor

Modern house 2nd floor cloister decoration

Two-storey passage to the bedroom

Modern master bedroom design

Interior decoration of master bedroom in two shades of color

If you like the combination of these two colors in your room, you are decorated in black and white in exclusive black and white design and modern apartments with exciting retro motifs.

Baby Room Design

Baby room decoration

Baby Bedroom Decor

A high relief embellishment, such as feathers matching the pastel colors of the rooms, has been applied to the walls.

Bathroom design using various tile tones

Bathroom design combines three colors of square white toilet and tile

Two-story modern house plan

Planning a two-story house with uneven terrain

Floor plan of 1st floor

On the first floor, a social space with a living room (2), a dining room (3), a kitchen (4), an office or a study room (5) ) We found a distribution hall with several sections on the first floor and stairs leading to the second floor.

Floor plan of modern house

Floor plan of the second floor of the house

There are three rooms on the second floor, one of which is the master bedroom (the upper right of the plan), a room for babies or children, and a living room to watch television. But depending on your needs or your family's growth can be another bedroom. The room has a height of double as we saw in the interior design photos. And here on the plane it is expressed in gray color.

For more ideas, enter the following: If you need to look at the modern two-story building, plan and exterior with interior design, find eight houses each with two facades each.

Designed by: Svoya Studio

Photo: Tanya Kovalenko

Via: Home Decoration in 2014