Modern garden architecture and design

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See today's 50 examples. construct Landscape architect in the most modern and fictional style. We would examine the essential characteristics of this type of architecture for appearance and what elements are essential to create a beautiful, comfortable and functional modern garden at the same time.

Level Design Garden Architecture

Super Design Architecture Horizontal Garden

City's most famous architectThe XX century, which created this style, began to look at the exterior aesthetics adapted to commodities and everyday activities and began to include certain elements and patterns in the structure, such as straight and planarization ArchitectureNica Courtyard and garden, Remove anything that is not an escape from spaceIt is necessary and useful.

Pond and modern garden architecture

Architecture garden vertical photo

For this reason, plants began to be sprayed along the pavement. As you can see in the image, geometric shapes and straight lines are included.Landscaping & Gardening Appearance Available space It is advantageously utilized in a better way and always adapted to the needs of the person.

Wooden platform and architecture for swimming pool

Architecture Garden Platform Wooden Swimming Pool

On the other hand, it is in the choice of building materials where natural preservation is attempted as much as possible. We will see the way of the stone. A wooden platform that surrounds the landscape, puddles and ponds that illuminate and use light in the light of the aesthetic sense of the garden. In conclusion,e Look for biodegradable and ecological products.

Minimalist architecture for modern gardens

Modern Narrow Garden Minimalist Architecture

The beautiful garden of this modern style confirms what we have already mentioned. This architecture is designed in such a way that the path is closer to the most natural elements without interfering with us. Also, you can see that there is no single corner where beauty and usability do not converge, even though the available space is small and the shape of the garden is somewhat specific.

Horticulture & Outdoor Landscaping

Landscape Botanical Garden Link

ButtaYou can see that you can choose the most suitable plant for each model of gardening and architecture. To this end, we can always consult with experts in horticulture and natural landscapes, taking into consideration the conditions of the garden and the possibility of caring. As we have already seen, there are types of plants that are better suited for a particular type of architecture

Exterior landscape architecture

Landscape plant exterior architecture

Anyway, please be careful before you decide. There are also many people who consider creating a beautiful garden path on the natural side as part of the garden's architecture. Trails often cross the vegetation area, but do not interfere with the rest of the pathway to restore a pleasant vigor.

Garden path with tiles and stones

Path stone garden tiles

The design of this road sometimes surrounds the main elements. But others are very practical because they move the architectural element of the problem directly or directly from it. In addition to functionalism, there is much appreciation for the influence of the Orient because the peace and harmony of the environment is always pursued.

Garden design with path and pond

Garden path pond modern line

Whether bathing or simply decorating, the aquarium has changed its appearance to adopt a minimalist style. We look at many architectural designs in modern gardens, the pool looks natural, the so called "Biofilter"Neutralize the water and make it suitable for bathing.

Garden construction with wooden platform

Garden Palm Tree Platform Wooden Swimming Pool

In conclusion, modern fashion for gardens and outdoor Advance It is a constant balance between people and his external environment, removing chemicals, using renewable energy and using the most harmful substances in the environment. Decorate the best shape.r Landscape around us.

Modern design of garden architecture

Garden design tile grass parcel

Entrance and garden construction

Garden covered with poche design

Landscape & Modern Gardening

Design Architectural Garden Landscape

Exterior design of Zen garden

Sun Garden Architectural Design

Garden design with path on wooden platform

Design Landscape Swimming Pool Road Platform

Modern garden architecture

Building Garden Courtyard Stairs

Sun Garden Design

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