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Mini Japanese Garden – In Japan, transforms a truck into a garden.


Once a year, landscape architects from all over Japan gather to replace a truck or van with a small Japanese garden. Kay Ray is a kind of miniature truck invented in Japan but can be seen all over Asia today.

Small Japanese garden behind the truck

This practical vehicle is mainly used in the agricultural industry. Therefore, the Japan Landscaping Federation has designated the Kei Tora Garden Contest as a canvas for the Kei Tora Garden Contest translated into Spanish.

Mini garden - japanese-ideas-original-projects

Mini Japanese Garden Let's Go!

Contestants arrive in the van without any vegetation. After that, they spend a few hours creating a rich plant environment that represents the Japanese mini garden. Eventually, the jury of the contest selects the winner based on the complexity of the task, such as planning, expression, design and execution. The contest has very few restrictions and the character is free. Some landscape architects tend to incorporate decorative elements such as an aquarium, fountain, or waterfall to create more radical expressions in the design of mini-gardens. Among the choices we have made, you will find some of the best models of Japanese mini gardens announced at the contest. Some are very traditional, others are modern. Anyway they are all unique!

Mini garden - japanese-ideas-truck

The most impressive part of this contest is how professionals gather two opposites: cars and nature. In many countries, it is suffering from serious pollution from four-wheeled cars. Once again, the Japanese had a great idea of ​​tying the two together and sending an environmental message to the world. This competition will only be held in Japan. Due to creativity, social networks have made it internationally popular.

Mini Japanese garden of unbelievable design

K - Tora - Kaon - Idea - ES Steel

Kei Tora is a small, practical van that is used to transport building materials as well as farmers and fishermen. Not only in Japan but also in many other countries as well as throughout Asia. The Japan Peasants' Association decided the role of Japanese mini garden design as a different role. This contest is new, but there are many enthusiastic participants.

Mini garden - japanese-ideas-small-trucks

Mini garden – Japanese garden and its history

Mini, large and small Japanese gardens have very precise design rules. In general, there are always bonsai, pebbles, large stones, fungi, fountains or waterfalls. Gardening is an integral part of Japanese culture. It is in the garden where we rediscover and meditate inner peace. This is why design and decoration are so clear. Carefully select the current element and location. The idea is to design a space that calms your mind. Listen to the flowing water. More and more French gardeners are inspired by this tradition to design this style of garden or to choose a zen garden.

Mini-garden japones-ideas-medio-ambiente

Introducing Japanese mini garden design to know the works of landscape architects.


In the picture below, the back of the truck has been transformed into something cool. Mini Japanese garden with pebbles, big stones and trees.

Mini Garden - Japan - Idea - Truck Options

Would you like to drink behind a van with a small Japanese garden? What a great idea and so romantic! One of the contestants already had this idea and shows it here.

K-Tora - Jadin - Japan - Jadin - Vertical

And the other participants had similar thoughts, but in a slightly different way. Drink tea and you can see the mini-Japanese garden with roses.


The third model of a Japanese mini garden with a small bar and a small wooden table. The walls of the plants are immediately impressed and the whole garden is enclosed.

Mini garden - japones-ideas-projects-table-wood

Bamboo is often found in Japanese gardens as plants or ornaments. In the following cases, contestants used bamboo decorative panels. There is a small bamboo fountain.

Mini garden - japanese-ideas-projects-wall

The two children enjoy one of the works announced in the contest.

Mini garden - japones-ideas-projects-contest

As you can see from the photo, each project contains bonsai. Bonsai is a very important mini tree in Japanese and Chinese culture. It symbolizes wisdom, balance and harmony. In the next mini-Japanese garden, the participant decided to make the bonsai the center of his work. Bonsai are usually placed on rocks. The idea is to provide a place that is difficult to access and to emphasize its importance. It is then covered with foam to maintain moisture.

Mini garden - Japan - Ideas - Bonsai

Miniature Japanese garden model in vintage sense. This beautiful installation has something very sweet and feminine. This garden is called "Green Cafe".


In the next photo you can see the only model of Japanese mini garden displayed here with lights. He also has a shelter above and lemon trees. It is amazing that you can make the garden from a small truck.

Mini Gardens - Japan - Ideas - Projects - Lighting

In the next garden we saw a colorful vase full of beautiful flowers and large stone walls. This model of Japanese garden is very well structured and richly decorated with plants.

Attractive Design - Gardens - Japan

Do not miss the Japanese mini garden model below and the modern style below. It is an ornamental brick fire pit that makes the garden more modern than it was before. Is not it?


How they combine technology and nature in Japan and make an exceptional contest

Japan never ceases to amaze us with creative and modern projects. We have the impression that this country is always ahead of trend. The issues they deal with are always important at the international level. The way to coexist with humans, technology and nature is part of many architectural and creative expressions. This contest proves it with originality and success. We know that it is important for more and more people to act positively about the environment.

K-Tora - Contest - Gardening - Unusual

All photos are taken from the Landscape Federation of Japan.