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In today's architecture, it took a lot of time to create a restaurant that was not very common in the past, the space was very limited, and space was used, but modernity changed. Livingroom.

If we look at it from a positive point of view, Space to decorate, And as it is one of the main rooms in the house, we have to give it the importance it needs.

That Living room designIt should be cozy, but functionally at the same time, we should be able to entertain the living room and dining room.

The most important thing here is Furniture distributionDefine restaurants in restaurants and restaurants.

And of course it is also important to choose the style you want to decorate.

Living room design

Minimalist living room design

In this design you Restaurant What is essential, what is useful in this space, and the rest is completely redundant.

That constriction What is fashionable, this is the foundation of 100% minimalist design.

2.- Rustic living room design

Living room design

If your restaurant wants to feel that country Makes a simple living room design.Here we know that the tree is the main character.

Wall of stone Somewhat thicker and vintage wood furniture, They will be the key to this type of design.

Modern classic living room design

Living room design

This style Put on fingerprints of furniture, sofa or chairA very good taste pattern, for example with a floral pattern on a white background, a combination of black and white and pink gives a classic feel to your living room design.

4.- Traditional classic living room design

Living room design

Basically, this design is more focused on furniture. Moldings and patterns of light and careful hue upholstery, The carpet can be the touch of the contrast you are looking for.

5.- Vintage living room design

Living room design

what It is very fashionable.Vintage design based on old style in both paintings and furniture is enough to get ideas for this type of design by reviewing the magazines of the '50s or' 60s.

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