Laminated floors or tiles, what do you prefer?

suelos laminados acabado moderno colores

Choose ideas that can cover the floor with the latest trends and designs. We will show you two examples of flooring laminate flooring and ceramic and marble tiles. In addition, the stylish floor to highlight each style of decoration, select the ideal model to see the image.

Laminate flooring or marble tile

Stylish marble polished with luxurious marble floors

In the photo's stunning marble tile, we saw that the color of the big business faded, creating a shape and being blurred. Thanks to its sophisticated effect, this type of flooring, along with colorful finishes, brought a lot of luxury and I liked the lighting. White is suitable for dominant decoration.

Super laminate polished floor

Polished Laminate Polished Parquet

But as we can see, good gloss makes the parquet laminate floor beautiful. The varnish of varnished wood is very elegant in all types of spaces. We know that maintenance and maintenance can be somewhat complicated because the polishing and polishing processes must be done periodically to maintain a good appearance.

Gray tile for living room or terrace

Gray floor dining terrace table

Let's move on to new, practical material. PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This plastic compound is water and fire resistant and can be used in very different applications. Many of them Laminate flooring The ones we showed are from pvc and show good finish and style.

Green tile and parquet combination

Combination Tile Parquet Green Bathroom

This stunning modern bathroom has ceramic tiles and PVC laminate. The material is an excellent example of always looking for features combined with many styles. pvc also offers several variants and models. We can achieve almost any face using laminate flooring of this material.

Floor tiles of different color and shape

Tile Tile Other Color Shape

Let's take a look at this cool floor made of various tiles in various colors and shapes. If it is fun for the kitchen or bathroom to keep the proper temperature in our house. Bathrooms are also ideal for ceramics with marble tiles and smooth finishes and also for walls and ceilings.

Beige and yellow tiles for bathroom

Yellow beige floor tiles bathroom espadrilles

For living rooms and bedrooms, the choice of laminate flooring or tiles will depend on the type of decoration style as well. For example, in this modern room, a clean, straightforward search is accepted. However, with decorative details, the tile was chosen as.

Brown lounge tiles with stone carvings

Pretty brown tile fireplace chaos

The rough band of the stone chaebol. In the absence of decorative details, this tile is obvious and adds many lessons to the place. In the following image, we chose laminated PVC that mimics the flooring, although it shows a modern and minimalist style again.

Living room imitation wood flooring

Large Tile Modern Living Room Fireplace

The result was a simple and traditional vision, though decorative elements such as leather urine and brick walls were involved. Marble is our next choice for laminate floors. These modern, luxurious rooms feature a variety of beige colors that look bright and clear.

Classic Beige Marble Tile

Beige Classic Marble Floor Tile

However, who plays the leading role is a marble tile floor with decorative details on the central tile. In this case, the tiles provide a very classical and elegant vision to match the minimalist style. The next floor of the marble tile that continues to cover the wall is fantastic.

Stylish marble tiles in bright colors

Marble tile polished white polished

The bright luster and pale color give the place a lot of clarity, and the senses have greater amplitude and luminosity. In conclusion, styled floors can greatly affect the shape of the space, so choosing tiles or laminates appropriately can change the house and make simple walks a luxury.

Beige and polished tile beige

Beige floor tile polish

Black marble tile for terrace

Polished black terraces with marble tiles

Modern brown tile

Modern brown tile round candle

Mixed color dark tiles

Dark-shaded sofa

Dark tiles with worn effects

Black Tile Worn Black Armchair

Smooth tiles for bathroom floors

Floor tile bathroom soft brownBeige Brown Terrace Tile ChairBright white marble bathroom marbleModern Bathroom Different Brown TilesPretty laminate soft black floorShower tiles Small brown tilesStylish Laminate Narrow Wood FlooringNice brown tile pool terraceSuper soil cement print flowersSuper White Laminate FlooringLaminate soft tile gray carpetKitchen shiny and polished laminatesLaminate Gray Bathroom Modern WallLaminated Wooden Flooring Polished Living RoomModern Wood Laminate Original ColorWhite bedroom laminate large plate.Stylish large white tileBlack glossy tileWhite Tile Romantic Room TileMix Floor Tile Brown BandWhite feather owl wearing floor color Parquet gray pink sofa magentaBeige with a light lamination pare colorLaminating one side is very dark blackParquet floor orange loungeClassic laminate floor dark woodSoft modern parquetFloor Floor Effect Effect ContrastBeige Wood Laminate FlooringLaminate floor modern wooden styleDark Wood Laminate Floor BedroomLaminate flooring wooden wall living roomLaminate Flooring Wood Other ColorsLaminate floor orange brown green