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L-type housing plan, design

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When designing a house in the form of an "L", you can create a space that can be used to guide the best visuals in the house. Now you will see a simple and efficient house plan, exterior and interior design. Environmental distribution and integration with elements from nature.

L-shaped housing plan

House 1st floor plan (Design by Garza Camisai architects)

On the first floor of the house, a living room – style dining room, a kitchen, and a pantry room were created. Thanks to the shape of the building, I was able to design a large terrace garden later on. ; The carport has capacity for two cars.

Floor plan of the L-shaped house 2nd floor

House 2nd floor plan

The intimate area is located on the second floor and has three rooms, one with a bathroom and a closet.

On the second floor, we can see the rooms in the first level (see the pictures of interior design in the area marked X).

Caravista brick exterior design

Exterior of caravista brick house

Caravista brick front

Outside, we have a terrace with stone building next to two building materials, brick and steel building structures, linear pots with bamboo farms and stone stones. nature

Casa Vista brick exterior design of 2 storey building

Main exterior of the house

Patio design with bamboo garden

Terrace View

It displays a monochromatic image of the building material used, but at the same time incorporates natural elements such as pebbles and bamboo, which are often used by designers to provide an integrated image and feel to the environment.

Interior design of houses

The interior of the house continues with the exterior design lines, and we can see that most walls and concrete in the brick are exposed to the ceiling.

Brick side design of room

Room design with double ceiling

Interior design in living room with brick

Design of the kitchen in the background Room in the foreground

Ceiling height design

View of stairway and passage with 2 bedrooms

Staircase design with wooden stairs

Staircase design with wooden stairs

Small kitchen design

Small kitchen design with island

Kara Vista Brick and Bedroom Design

Bedroom design on the second floor

To get more ideas, type the following: The layout and appearance of the L is a combination of various materials from the architectural finish. The L-shaped house design includes beautiful décor if the area we have just seen is a little wider.

design : Garza Camisai Architect

Via: Designrulz