It has led to new ideas that transform space.

baños diseño variantes cascada suelos soluciones

LED lighting is an element that can not be ignored. Touch a space differently. It does not matter if we talk about inside or outside. Brightness transforms everything. We dedicate some lines to LED lighting idea and decoration. The advantages we have when using this variation of lighting are not similar. They are much cheaper than traditional bulbs.

Led a sophisticated idea for the wall.

An idea that led to an elegant blue wall

Another important detail is durability. Generally, it offers superior development time compared to other variants. Obviously LED lights are fashionable when it comes to lighting for the house. Over time, this type of illumination has evolved and can be found in many applications for home use. The high flexibility of this technology allows it to be applied in a creative and aesthetic manner.

Led to a modern idea for a bathtub.

Leading Idea Modern Rock Plant

Today we share all the examples we can do with LED lighting. One of the elements of the home used in the design is furniture. Finding them in armchairs and closets is becoming more and more common. The mood looks different during the day. When the night comes, everything is transformed and a part of the furniture shines brightly.

Ideas for contemporary furniture


The salon can be very elegant. It is the source of light that can be useful for watching television. They also fit well in the kitchen with storage space. No matter where they are they will be a very useful backlight source. There are other amazing applications like the case of curtains where we have images.

Hanging chair design

Elegant led chair ideas led

The curtain embroidery is a unique way to incorporate a band driver and a transparent fabric and at the same time cover the window with stylish, modern textiles. Other companies, such as Meystyle, use this type of backlighting. Patterns can be modified on a client-by-client basis. Enjoy these creativity samples. Light led to ideas and designs that revolutionized the environment.

Tables with geometric accents

Geometrical hanging chair led the space.

Curtain with built-in LED

Idea of ​​India lamparas mesa cuadros vrntanas

Bathroom with futuristic shower

Idea led vertical modern shower chair

Attractive hanging chair

Chair design ideas chair lantern space design

Design for modern swimming pool

Wooden Idea of ​​Violin Music Garden

Ideas for bathrooms

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