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Boho deco stylish; Fill the space with light!

boho deco chic iluminación ventanas mobiliario salón

Do you enjoy sunshine without leaving home? At first glance it looks crazy but absolutely possible. The proposal is exciting and dangerous. boho deco chic. It is an ideal style that gives life to the rooms with large glass windows where we can sunbathe. For example, a glass-enclosed terrace is more comfortable than a boho …

Interior Design

The desktop … gives a very nice color!

papel pintado de pared señorial

We are wallpaper Wall, ideas that give you thousands of possibilitiesIn its interior space. It's fantastic to see how you can decorate a room with real artwork. As we can see, there is diversity. Find the perfect wallpaper or order on request. Everything is possible. Stately style wallpaper This nice wallpaper with vertical stripes offers …

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Warm interior design, new sense!

calidos ideas diseño salon colores iluminacion decoracion

A few days ago we tilted a few lines to the use of color. Especially the color used in the toilet and the effect of color on our moods in general. Today we will return to the use of color even in the interior design with warm colors. In this case, the sensations obtained in …

Interior Design

Bedroom decor – 80 breathtaking ideas

habitacion diseño moderno luz natural

Our room is the most personal and intimate space. It's where we feel more comfortable, so it's the best place to choose our bedroom decor to develop our personality and make you feel comfortable and comfortable. Today we offer 80 fantastic ideas and suggestions for ideal bedroom decorations. Classical style bedroom decor We will pay …

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Shabby style – 25 ideas for sublime style

estilo shabby mesa rosas objetos

Nice and really cute. We present a "shabby chic" style for interior space decoration. Now you can transform your house into a real retro doll house. We will see the importance of the smallest details, and everything can be decorated in a way that stands out in sight. Shabby and sophisticated decoration Pay attention to …

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Decoration room with all tastes and colors

decoración salones color blanco lujoso

Today we want to give you 25 amazing ideas. decoration Salon There are many styles and personality. In this case, because it is hit in color, we have chosen the model of the room decorated with various hues. See how colors affect. We feel. Decorative room of many colors If we do not dare to …

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Living Room Furniture – Style, Fashion and Comfort

muebles salón madera gris moderno

Choose the most modern and modern salon in interior design and find out why so many people have opted for feature selection and comfort. Lounge furniture. We present a series of images that illustrate fantastic examples of modern decor for the living room and living room. Modern living room furniture with steel fireplace A stunning …