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How do you make them look spacious and enlightened?

Construye Hogar

We will see how to relocate furniture, the layout of the equipment in a small apartment will look large and bright, and the resources can be used to connect two spaces to eliminate unnecessary walls, or to have a wide visual Use the furniture in the appropriate proportion of the apartment will expand. Depending on the model we include, you will know all the tricks. let's begin.

Ideas for Space Use in Small Apartments

On the island of the kitchen there is a light wall where you can put the TV in. This way the living room, the kitchen and the dining room are very well integrated into a single environment (Ax Studio).

Modern small apartment design

Buenavista Architectural Visualization with two small body sets and a kitchen bar

Extend small apartment model

Use only the sofa in the back of the book or use the unused space below the stairs (Felipe Broering)

Small apartment

Natural lighting is very important to consider in remodeling. This is why you need to make windows especially bigger in social spaces such as living rooms and kitchens, which automatically gives the amplitude effect (Lucy Witz)

Now we are going to present one of the most fundamental solutions for deploying the apartment environment in one small space.

Mini apartment design with modular furniture

In one room we have beds, sofas and a kitchen thanks to a modular shelf set (Tetran).

High ceilings can create a small space for the bedroom, and high ceilings provide the interior amplitude, leaving most of the space freely.

Ampiar Small Apartment

A quarter of the apartments were used to build a raised bedroom, in which lightweight recycled materials were used (3XA)

If you are interested in the planning and interior design of the 3XA project, please enter the 29 square meter design developed by Construye Hogar.

Mini apartment design with mezzanine

The apartment looks wide. Resources such as minimizing the number of walls and using small equipment depending on available space (Arturo Hermenegildo)

Using furniture proportional to space, it seems that it circles more space and becomes wider when viewed visually.

Kitchen and design of mini department

Using the same color as white gives the interior of the apartment its brightness and can be combined with the same gray color as the photo (Truong Tran)

Apartment design with large windows

The large window from floor to ceiling allows us to extend the view to the horizon. Use this resource when you have a beautiful exterior such as a park or sea (Nic Nguyen)

Now we have to look at the bright and wide-looking model with pop arts out of the ordinary.

Small apartment design with pop art

The mini-apartment looks great, changing the furniture at the rate that the image displays, and removing the walls or low walls, details are added to the classic refrigerator in red with pop art paintings on the gray walls. You can get this beautiful design. (KAEL Group)

To get more ideas, type the following: A 3D apartment plan to find ways to distribute your environment when you need to change or expand from a better perspective than a 2D plan.