Housing and apartment planning in 3D

bonito plano piso pequeño terraza

Today we present fifty. Housing Planning And apartments in 3d of different type of architecture. The examples we have collected can be used to model the location of new home furnitures and rooms, or simply to provide innovative ideas that can change the current home.

Housing and Apartment Planning 3D

A nice flat little terrace

As we can see, the visualization of 3D house plans in smaller spaces and smaller apartments is very useful. By adopting a macroscopic vision, we can better appreciate the space and this will help us make the most of the resources available to us. In addition, the model you choose can help you choose a more specific architectural style for your home.

Floor plan with bedroom

White House flat snowboard

In the image above we can see a young and modern apartment. The living room is the largest room on the floor and connects to the kitchen and dining room without detaching the wall. This will give you a larger feel when you choose a bright color for your upholstery.

Family housing plan

Flat white corner house heptagono

Let's take a look at some plans for a one-story family home. In this example, we appreciate the good use of space. The structure of the house itself is geometrically irregular and creates small corners and edges that intelligently use small sinks or cupboards in narrow areas.

Family house with 4 bedrooms

Large flat white house

The following models show large houses with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The living room is on one side and the other on the other side thanks to the large hallway used as a dining room or living room, so both sides are very bright due to the terrace.

Planning a house with 4 rooms

Three large flat houses on white

The following apartments have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but they are more compact in appearance. In this case, each room is separate from the living room. Except the living room,

House plan with 2 large terraces

Flat House Garden Umbrella 2

Next, a house that gives great importance to the balcony and outdoor patio. Although the interior is known to have great advantages, we are shocked by the fact that the two terraces together reach the same volume as the entire interior. The house has two large rooms and two small rooms, all separated by a spacious hall with a long corridor.

Plans of various plants

Flat house link black floor

We will also present some examples of floors and floors as house plans will also help to understand the building structure of various plants. In this image we are on the first floor of several floors. Here, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, small terrace and laundromat space are arranged so that the refrigerator does not remove space from the kitchen.

Planning a house with a garage

Large Green Flat Garden House

In the next floor example, the location of the meeting place was selected instead. From it we can find a living room, a living room, a large dining room next to the kitchen with an American bar, and a smaller, closed dining room for more formal and busy dining. The next apartment consists of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

2 bedroom house with a small terrace

Small House Flat Small Terrace Again we find a spacious living room ending on a small terrace that uses natural light. Space is used in a very functional way and there is no unused space. As in the following example, you can see that a large room is allocated to the living room and the living room, and that the smaller room is used as a gym or storage room. It's a good idea.

Modern style house with 2 bedrooms

White flat house young skys

In this plan, you can see a house with two rooms. One is a bedroom, the living room has a living room, and the living room has a living room. This is a very functional way to design a house before building it.

Modern minimalist design house plan

Modern flat design minimalist house

On the other hand, you can also opt to create a minimal interior with this house plan. We must keep in mind that there is enough room for us to live in the minimalist interior. This tells you that there is a table with a chair in the living room. However, if you realize that this plan is on the second floor next to the stairs in the corner.

House plan with two rooms and a garden

Flat house irregular shaped garden1 bedroom apartment plan

Flat House Many Color SmallThree-Bedroom Apartment

House flat small courtyard flowerPlanning a house with garden and garage

Deluxe Villa Flat House GardenPlanning for a room with two rooms

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