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Japanese garden designed for gardening sense

jardin japones jardineria interiores frecuentes arquitectura

There are many things that stand out in elegance and aesthetics about the style of the garden. Today we will generally see one of these cases. This is a Japanese garden filled with history that has been enriched by the passage of time. Japanese Garden Elegant and Natural Gardening Essentially the purpose of this garden …

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Attic Terrace Design 26 Solutions –

muebles terraza cojines purpura mesa fuego ideas

Today we have original ideas of modern attic terrace design for you. Well-designed terraces are an ideal retreat for relaxation and recreation, or simply an ideal place to enjoy the natural beauty. Wooden floor and attic terrace design We are confident that there is a perfect patio for every home, lifestyle and budget. Terraces can …

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Dry stone wall without cement

diseƱo muros de piedra seca

That stonewall Drying is present in other megalithic cultures from ancient times, when architectural techniques and architectural concepts are insignificant, but when built properly, it is a solid and resistant element that can withstand many years. Dry stone wall for garden This type of architecture has been developed and completed through the abilities of test …

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Functional and intimate balcony protection

elegantes amarillos conceptos muebles toldo

As is often the case in small apartments in the city, the balconies are the only place where we are outdoors. Thanks to this space we can enjoy the sun and good weather these days. It can be offensive if there is not enough privacy for wind or excessive sun. White roof to protect the …

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Some tips to follow –

iluminacion moderna pared bombillas ideas exterior

Today we have original ideas for exterior lighting to inspire you. With good lighting in the garden, you can stay longer at night. In this article, we have gathered expert advice on gardening and lighting to help you choose the best proposal. Exterior design for garden Creative idea Spring and summer flowers Sea, bright autumn …

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Zen Garden Meditation in an inspiring environment

jardin zen meditacion espacios arboles rocas

The zen garden meditation takes place in a harmonious space, and elements of design will be seen today. If we define the Zen garden as a few insurances, it will be balanced and relaxed. The connection between this garden and nature is probably unlimited. Zen Garden Meditation in Natural Space Emphasized in green of vegetation, …

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Garden details to fill your life with a little idea

atractivos espacios jaulas estilos sombrillas

Nowadays, as temperatures warm up, it is a good time to spend more time outdoors. A garden is simply the main character of another event, such as a celebration, or reading a book. Garden eye-catching details, chess game Each of them must be a cozy place to spend hours of entertainment in absolute comfort. This …

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Underfloor heating, terraced by Atelier DLV

suelo radiante partes muestras infenio fragmentos

One of the things that makes space stand out is Underfloor. Today we will see a person who focuses specifically on this part to fill the space of life. The Atelier DLV is a refurbished terraces and the plants are uniquely combined. This is one of the many creative suggestions that make both the balcony …