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Orchard on the balcony – thirty-four simple ideas –

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Even on the balcony garden Vegetables and herbs. You can plant radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, and strawberries. Follow the tips for harvesting your own farm and getting started. When you are ready to transplant tomato plants, beautiful lettuce and pumpkins, you can save time. Radish, carrots and spinach are inevitably sown. How to garden in our …

Garden & Terrace

Shade for outdoor space with essential items.

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No doubt the shadow of the garden or terrace is a fundamental element. If you do not create shadow areas, it is almost impossible to enjoy the courtyard. All this without mentioning that all well placed trees can improve the temperature of the house. Retractable tent, terrace shade You can choose from a variety of …

Garden & Terrace

Terrace decor with simple and economical details

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Terrace decoration The rise in temperature today is forced. As always, having outdoor space or being in the garden is a great privilege. We need to provide only appropriate and functional images that they can fully enjoy. Terrace decor with modern elements When decorating the terraces, space limitations are often a problem at times. The …

Garden & Terrace

Modern garden with original umbrella –

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In our article today we have a creative idea for a modern garden and will show you an umbrella more specifically. Rain, snow, wind, sun, clouds, and weather are changing every year and sometimes unpredictable. Green umbrella in the garden Umbrella is the ideal accessory to protect aggressive sunlight during the hot summer months as …

Garden & Terrace

Concrete blocks for garden

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That Concrete block They are trends in the most modern interior design, but today we want to showcase modern garden designs in which cement plays a very special role. Ideas to add concrete blocks to your garden The blend of minimalism and industrial style stands out in most modern landscape designs. Concrete is a resistant …