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manualidades para jardin originales

Do you already know the latest information? Garden Crafts? Today we would like to show you a variety of decorations and outdoor decorations made without using recycled materials and goods. Do not miss this tour and get a garden decor idea.

Original decor with garden crafts

Old Bed Flowerpot Factory

Do you have an old bed you plan to throw away? Do not do that. For example, if you use only paint, you can buy a new life and put it in the garden, for example, as a flower pot for planting beautiful and colorful flowers.

how Children churn old tires.

Old Tire Child Swing

In the previous post we have already seen some practical ideas for using old tires as trinkets or garden functional elements. The above picture shows a unique design of a child's swing in the form of a small horse that cuts off some tires and is painted.

Ornamental Idea for Old Tire Gardens

Old Pneumatic Decoration Ideas

If you prefer, you can also use some old tires to make some beautiful color farms. Paint the desired colors and stack one over the other. Then put the plants in the pot.

Original design of mini pond with lotus

Decorative mini garden lotus

Here you can see the original design of a miniature natural pond with lotus flowers. If you want to decorate your garden or terrace with the touch of a line style, this is a very simple craft, and it does not take up too much space and is a chance not to miss.

Ideas to decorate a garden fence

A fence to decorate retro dishes

If you have a motive or an old dish of some type of vintage object, do not hesitate to decorate the garden in its original retro style. Stencils, bottles, books, carts or garden tools are available for your design.

Original wooden fence design decorated with garden tools

Fence wooden decorative garden tools

Often the fence of the garden is very cold and boring, thinking about the proper subject and starting to decorate the fence in an artistic way. You can see an example of this design on top of where gardening tools and tools are used.

Garden Crafts and Pot Designs for Spices

Garden Supplies Flower pots

You can grow natural spices in your own garden because it is easy to keep if you want. You can even design a pot or container that you install them yourself; To do this, you can use cans, glass jars or other recyclable containers.

Original decorative crown made of hose

Garden Crafts Crown Deco

Do you want to decorate the front door to the crown? Make your own with a hose, twig or bubble rubber rosette. You can find preparatory steps in related articles on our website.

Original pot decorated with bamboo sticks

Original decorative pan palisades

If you want to make a flower arrangement in a special vase in your garden, this spiral idea might be right for you. You need a large pot and bamboo.

Idea for picture bowls of various colors

Paint pot paint color

Colorful pollen is still a wonderful garden decoration. Is that correct? You only need a mud pot and color in any shade. Put the bowl upside down on the notebook and paint the color. Let the water drip and dry the paint.

Beautiful garden fence design decorated with paint

Fence garden decorative painting

We hope these decorating ideas can serve you. Also, if you want to keep up with the trends, decorations and interior design, you should visit the website soon.