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Floor and outdoor path, cool idea 42 points

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Soil is an important part of our garden. In part, we must think of them as design elements. Exactly today we will show a lot of these design options.

Floor with a modern and natural image around the swimming pool

Floor effect systems make plants stupid.

Creating large and small paths or terraces has a huge impact on the courtyard. If you want to create a modern garden, creating the right surface is an important step. Undoubtedly it is a process preceded by a good plan.

Floor with geometric detail and floral pattern

Wooden exterior fountain mozaic floor

The time and effort we put into these insurance designs is well worth it. The importance of materials is evident when making other soils. Therefore, we will review many of the possible variations later in detail.

Attractive proposals using sidewalks and bricks on the edge

Floor effect brick red wood concept

You can start with bricks from among the most commonly used variants for creating surfaces. Rocks, trees, grass or tiles that can be equally applied to the outside. Planning should focus primarily on our actual needs.

An interesting combination of various materials

Modern wooden effect floor

According to our intention to use the courtyard, we can say, for example, a wooden floor. It is an elegant and practical choice. In the case of a space with a barefoot walking pool.

Modern courtyard with lawns in the field of geometric shapes

Floor modern effect concept gravel marks

The temperature of the soil is not a problem moving from one place to another. To get a modern image in our garden we need to experiment. The success of our project will come with proper customization.

Robust packaging machine for heavy traffic areas

Floor effect pendemientes floor heat

Experiments can be based on a mixture of different substances. One very beautiful effect can be created using tiles and gravel. In particular, gravels vary greatly in shape and shape.

Multiple pieces recovery, colorful and economical solution

Floor effect effect chicken colorful walkway

The purpose of creating these areas must be well defined. One of them can make a surface for a barbecue party and a celebration party. You have to visualize space design in a practical way.

Path with slice similar to tronocos

Floor effect trunk simulation stairs

It can be a larger area or path of the surface that matches the environment. Harmonization can be based on selecting materials according to the house and the nearby deck. The way and materials in which these spaces were designed have changed.

Combination of grass and other decorative elements

Floor green effect grass idea luminarias

Many such as marble and tiles are now recognized as good options for the outside world. Unlike past times when they were considered to be used in homes and other spaces.

Path on the other surface of the courtyard

Soil green effect concept water

A grass that can not be overlooked is a good example of creating interesting floors and surfaces. Today, this type of surface tends to have a larger geometric shape. Above all, it is a detail that is common in modern space.

Decorative elements with floral details in different contrasts

Fill the Woods Street Segment

You can refer to rectangles and other curve shapes in the main shape. Especially the grass is in perfect contrast with the pavement. The latter can be placed in a range of very useful materials.

Circular design to match the shape of wooden bench

Good Bank Segment Pattern Shape

Another form of pebbles. One of them is glass gravel and is a great resource. It can be found in the form of a transparent rounded debris. It is a great way to provide color. It can be included in the space of the part of the trace.

Close on a terrace with anti-slip properties.

Brownish crystals with non-slip surface

As an interesting feature, we can use the way they reflect light. Concrete is an excellent reference material for making floors and surfaces. For high traffic environments.

Contemporary environment, fragments of various hues

Area Connection Patio Idea Flower

In particular, resistance to abrasion can provide a very good finish. These materials can be combined with natural edges. One of them could be a bamboo stick.

Empty rocks integrated into your design

White small white geometry white

They can be larger or smaller in thickness and reeds of different dimensions. This variety shows off the edge with greater dynamism. The brick surface is perfect for environments with traditional cut surfaces. They are excellent materials and durable.

Another circular piece of concrete with embedded rocks

Material Combination of Wooden Ideas

In order to give it an air of modernity, we must include other elements on the floor. One of them could be a limestone rock. If they are put in the margins, the image will become a bit bigger in modern times. Another interesting material is the slab.

Functional Dining Room with Worn Iron Furniture

Metal material

It is special if you are interested in making other irregular shapes. There are designs with predefined shapes that can be useful. One of them is the wedge type that can be applied to the curved borders.

Small rocky edge for the sidewalk at the entrance

Natural item special line edge

It creates a very harmonious and attractive organic form. This can be useful if the soil needs to surround large plants or trees. The granite variant should be a beautiful but rough surface.

Adding a natural texture surface to the exterior

Fruit Armchairs Terrace Forest Texture

Remember that they will be outdoors and elements like humidity can be slippery. Above all, they look like a separation in a small area. Especially between the plants and grass in the small courtyard.

Model for natural and rustic accent patios

Excellent concept metal with geometric figures

Specific models are also very versatile in all situations. This is especially useful for color and finishing surfaces. Purely smooth or contain layers of gravel and texture.

An interesting route integrated into the landscape of the garden

Pebbles shake small slabs.

In the courtyard, you can get a greater contrast by using brightly colored slabs. They look better when you see the patio in a global way. This does not exclude intense shades such as slate which may look perfect.

Combination with bright colored rock on the side

Gray lovely fern white furniture

At a higher price stone still plays a big role. Stones should be emphasized that regular cleaning is required regardless of the type. This prevents the surface from slipping due to moisture.

Other materials and shapes for bridge entrances

japonez garden recreation yellow debris

As mentioned at the beginning, the trees are special in the courtyard with a swimming pool. Obviously it will depend on cost and environmental factors. The touch that is nice and visually warm is obvious.

Use pieces of wood-like texture

Wood slab simulation wood texture

The way they are placed on all the bricks and slabs is very important. You can choose the base of sand or cement. For cement, mixing with sand provides greater stability and ruggedness.

Modern wooden platform platform

Tree seasonal concept wall flower pot

This type of image is more attractive when compared to the packaging margin. Gravel and gravel roads are another attractive option. In particular, gravel can have many different tones and origins, such as recycled plastics.

Interesting effects of gravel concrete edges

Composite wood concept free wall

Next to the deterioration factor is the metal details that can be placed as a decorative element. A metal grid that provides a fun graphic image can be one of them. An essentially galvanized grid creates a maintenance free path.

Path through material combination

Treated wood special road rock

Artifacts can be used if the image of the stone attracts us. It is a different economic option than working. There are various sizes that can be tailored to the actual requirements of the design on the floor.

Good effect on geometric shapes

Contemporary street pebbles Modern flower pots

Square or rectangular shaped slate tiles are perfect for elegance. Factors such as humidity are slippery, but they can look equally modern.

Concrete slices combined with pebbles and grass

Modern street gravel blue fire pot

Especially if the courtyard is for the elderly or children, it is not a good idea to apply it to the entire route. Including tiles can be a good idea. We should be able to prepare for them outside.

Decorated pieces for plants

Fresh Plants Line Decoration Fragments

The rough finish with natural accented colors is radically perfect. There is a risk of slipping, and do not look aesthetically in a bright place.

Anti-slip surface with elegant texture

Billiard table metal pole

Similar patterns can be used to match the interior. The ground will look like an extension of some kind of indoor environment. As mentioned at the beginning, marble can also be applied to floors outside the house.

Areas with wood platforms and grass

Modern platform patio chair crystal

The unusual atmosphere filled with modernity is sure. The most contrasting is the lightest variant of white or cream. One of the best ways to use it is gravel. A practical example could be a dark tinted picture with white gravel.

Combination of various shapes and dimensions

Rough tolerance concept outer circle

The appearance is beautiful and has a big visual impact. Maintenance does not have to be practically the same low. From a versatile point of view, grass is the best. It is the most used surface in the garden because it can be combined very well.

Clear surface with beautiful contrast

Small flowerpot pot

Do not forget concrete slabs mainly with wood and limestone. Many courtyards, especially games, can apply shells. It is one of the cheapest ways to distinguish roads.

Design for Outdoor Living Space

Red furniture special effect tree

They will just need the foundation of rocks laid. Special attention should be paid to the edges. It will be difficult to keep the bark from touching the flower bed. If our intentions are simple images, the various options that wood offers will be special. Both pallets and trails can use recycled types.

Beautiful contrast with other contrasts

Trail Star Signs System Line

The rustic side is larger when the skin of the edge is present. We must consider the possible changes that trees can make over time. This can affect the image of our patio and the appearance of the floor. For example, during aging, cedar gets a silver gray color.

Other square and square concrete

Elegant armrest furniture armchairs chair plants

Pine and other options include special chemical treatment. Especially for trees to be protected from fungi and insects. Recommended for maintenance is to use a protector. This should be done twice a year depending on the expert. Some forests in the rainforest are more resistant than pine trees.

Outdoor lounge, lawn

Chimney furniture grass

You also need to be treated for protection, but less often. Similar image distortion and greater resistance can be with the synthetic bottom. It is basically a mixture of wood fiber and PVC resin. With this variation, you can get a pleasant and cozy effect of wood on our decor. Resistance to fungi and parasites is much higher, as well as the ability to slip.

Pleasant terrace with slate surface

Metal armchair outer wall cushion

This last property is suitable for sites exposed to constant humidity. Consider an outdoor shower. In addition to the pool area where the soil is not damaged by the action of chlorine.

Functional modern space with swimming pool

Wooden terrace with other pergola concept

In essence, resin floors are resistant and easy to install. The versatility of wood-like finishes makes it ideal for any decor. Reproduction of fungi is no longer a problem. Just enjoy your outdoor activities with friends and family at your company.

Outdoor Shower Wood

Shower room Wooden shelf Shower room

Please choose your desired material according to the needs of the yard. There are many options for floor coverage in other areas. Now leave this exciting gallery with other models and creative solutions.