Five ideas to decorate the walls

ideas para decorar paredes

Are you trying to create a different style in your home? Do you want it besides other cool looks? Would you like to change the style to save a little money? Congratulations on arriving at the perfect place. Please provide some ideas that will cover all your requirements. Wall decorations and house renovations.

Renew the house wall. It does not have to be a tedious and much less expensive task, but when you do this, it's different for each person, so the ideas we suggest are great, but you can also take advantage of interior designers if you are much more affordable.

1.- Place your favorite fingerprint.

Whether Small fourthYou can paste pictures that do not have room to decorate in your bedroom or on other walls in your house. For example, if you are in a small children's room, you can place a cutout of your favorite character or decorate the world. The color forming the rainbow

If it's a kitchen, you can cut your favorite fruit on the wall or another picture that shows we are in the kitchen.

2.-Mural painting

Very recent forms are used.Mural of the same kindChoose the colors you want to create with your favorite fabrics and wall murals that you prefer. It can be made from starch with glue. Is not it easy?

3.-contact paper

One of the preferred products for wall decoration these days Paper contact, We can make some geometric cuts, and simply put them on the wall.


Another very good material to decorate the walls is that they can be said to be walls. MirrorsAlready here, when we talk about the whole wall, we have to use the middle plate of the mirror to cover the wall we want, in this case a small wall is recommended.

5.- Color stripes

use Adhesive tape color If you want to place a strip on a thick wall or a desired wall, or if you want to completely refurbish it, there are ribbons of various colors and sizes, and if you choose one that matches the basic color and texture, 100%

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