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Fire decoration to design outdoor space

rocas bases especiales muestras sistemas hojas

Sometimes the night can be somewhat cold when we enjoy the outdoor space. The proposal we brought today is an excellent result of creating warmth abroad. Fire and elegance decorations are aspects that complement each other in these fire pits.

Decorating for functional modern exterior

Modern concept natural gray fire

An interesting variant of creative design that changes our courtyard. They are also ideas that can be fun to expand during the holidays in our garden. Some of these models have mobile features.

Fire decoration in copper bowl with metal base

Decorative fire copper round wool

Assembly can save time and be economical. Simply select the appropriate site. The effect of fire decorations and fire pits is usually to evaluate the fuel.

Modern effect, red tone design made of steel

Fire decoration special effect warm

We always have the more traditional fire fountain wells as the first choice. Other designs work on bioethanol or propane. The truth is that regardless of fuel, it becomes fascinating details in each yard.

Small grill and multifunctional design

Decorative Fire Combination Grill Plate

As heat sources they are very effective but can be used for other purposes. Depending on the model, you can use it as a magnificent barbecue. Especially when you need a party that can develop around you.

Elegant steel pendant with chain design Corten

Steel chain hanging fire decoration

Regardless of the design in general, many details must be evaluated before placing in the yard. The first consideration should be based on spatial assessment. Fire and other decorations are also harmonious.

Choice of Corten steel with storage space

Special Fire Ornament Triangle Pyramid

For populated areas it is necessary to look at the proximity of other houses. Then, depending on the characteristics of our style, you make a detailed selection and you are in harmony with the courtyard. For metal, there are different shapes for each style.

An interesting suggestion about the natural environment

Decorative Fire Hub Outdoor Hall

There is a variation of hand-made cone shape. It is mainly made of non-ferrous steel. It is common to find models that represent metal in nature and metal in color in general.

Contemporary effects saved in a circular shape with firewood

Decorative fire side storage frequency

Strong tones, mainly orange or red. Other deluxe options may have the texture and voice of copper. Above all, the tall cone model is very impressive. One of the major producers in this regard is Dutch Harrie Leenders.

Idea for a rustic and detailed environment

Fire wood decorative concept gravel

Essentially a fire pit with a very special pyramid-shaped breed. In our gardens, fire and metal decoration blend together. A classic example is the use of Corten steel for this task.

Low cut model with geometric shape

Decorative Fire Steel Shape Modern Plants

In particular, the appearance of the metal will change over time. The effect of rain also contributes to changing the color of this fire pit. Wood preservation is also an important detail.

Multifunctional options in Bowl restored to high corners

Decorative fire reclining firewood facade

Some may have been integrated as we can see in some images. Especially at the far more practical bottom. Including a wheel can be a great advantage. This obviously makes them easy to move in a simple way.

Firewood of all basic and all designs, traditional variants of firewood

Special Steel Timber Terrace Location

Depending on the season, you can freely choose the ideal place in the courtyard. Generally, they are solid wheels and do not have to be exposed to external or high temperatures.

Modern Stainless Steel Idea, Gas Works

Stainless steel gas shows the appearance effect.

In addition to steel, aluminum is also one of the constructive variants. It is used with a larger thickness, especially according to the same mode of manufacturer. Like steel, the availability of color is considerably wider.

Smart concept with low cylindrical pedestal

Wide bowl element natural structure

Our choices must be designed to make our garden a welcoming place. These pits or fixtures can be supplemented with furniture. Furniture is an important part in outdoor fire decor and patio aspect.

Corner effect

Artistic concept waves sea cubicle

We can not draw the charm of plants from this. A fire pit is also a way to make a garden or garden a special and exclusive space. Especially with the effect of plants, you can get the image of a certain foreign country.

Internal low cut model

Low steel casual chair gravel

What will look great at night, mostly. Beyond defining garden spaces, these elements are also complementary to furniture. There are whitespace that may look incomplete. Whether it's a round mobile or a traditional one

Recovered metal barrel

Barrel concept with space metal grass

Safety must be assured when defining the space for the fire pit. Obviously, plants that are inserted into the garden can be the first risk factor. Above all, we have to control people with elongated leaves or stalks.

Excellent complement for interior decoration

Furniture Shelf Furniture Wall elements

This can be done in a sensible way, just knowing how to use furniture properly. Outdoor sofas or sofas can make perfect barriers. Fire decorations and our designs are not affected in terms of harmony.

Colorful furniture selection and contrast

Colorful environmental patio sample figures

Our courtyard has a natural image and above all it will be safe. We can easily redesign the metal deformation in this area. Especially in terms of mobility and flexibility in terms of placement.

Hemo floral design

Concepts Plants Style Natural Materials

In addition, we must mention that there is greater control. If the style of our courtyard is tilted to the rustic, it will be another great complement. In particular, the oxidation process we mentioned gives a very special image.

Patio and garden are available for many purposes.

Modern barbecue special furniture rock

The interesting thing about the ornament is that it is useful without using it. Many models can be restored and used for various purposes. One of them could be a plant cultivation that perfectly complements the furniture in the garden.

Small furniture with shelves in the pedestal

Solid shelves decorated with muestara furniture

The fixed design options are also attractive. Especially the model made of granite packing material. They have a more traditional looking finish. Depending on the aesthetics of the patio, there may be some interesting areas.

Metal center with edge of decorative effect

Ornamental shape concept brick trunk

Outdoor fire is an ideal flexibility in decoration and style. Another aspect is that assemblies will not become extremely complicated depending on the form. The bent shape is equally striking, though the triangular shape is special.

It is decorated with other figures on the edge.

The star decorated the leg line on the floor.

As a variant of these materials, bricks next to concrete can be another solution. Compared to the previous one, its main advantage is resistance to high temperatures. Everything depends on the way you want to contrast the patio in question.

Proposal with three metallic supports

Traditional exterior with support solutions

Results are guaranteed in metal or traditional buildings. The night of the garden is probably not the same. If we want, we can create a concrete-based model.

Safety cover

Sculpture rock is a special furniture forest

You need to select an appropriate location for this. As with metallic products, this product should be a safe place around the courtyard. In this case the firework decoration and design look better in a somewhat open area.

Edge decorated with geometric effects

Gas Idea Model Style Brick

It is best to build it on a safe distance from home. Avoid contact with low branches in case there are nearby trees. It would not be negative to exclude the proximity of the source. The first step is to identify the area.

Wooden deck, special for use as a table

Wood Cover Functional Wood Solution

You need to place some elements to control the direction of the wind. This way we will generally know the direction and avoid the smoke going to our home. This may vary, but at least we have an average that helps to get rid of this annoyance.

Stylish rectangular shaped portable

Small wooden system shelf chair

Bonfires are made of concrete blocks or other materials in their basic form. Depending on usage, center the bowl where you can add the grill. In the case of other materials, the method of making the material is similar.

Attractive transformation that can be moved

Elegant metal salon solution

Without considering that there will be something in it. The best place to install is a gravel courtyard or exposed ground. Paving stones can be equally accepted.

Lotus with details is cropped on the side.

Metal Lotus - Flower Artistic Example Steel

We should not put them directly on a deck or a wooden platform. Essentially combustible material. Obviously, it is not possible for people who are recommended to use barriers.

Bear figures on the side of a fire pit

Furniture dancers bear fountains.

We refer to refractory materials that can be accommodated on the floor of a fire pit. Fire decorations and placement methods will be an important factor in getting the most out of them. Natural images can be maintained in a better way.

Portable configuration of several metal pieces

Portable space rock furniture pieces

At the same time, the balance of the courtyard will grow. Metal vessels have many advantages over traditional models. Basically the decor of our patio is modern. We can not help but mention that they are maintenance-demanding options.

It is perfectly decorated in an elegant courtyard.

Portable style with elegant twigs

Ashes and other elements from combustion should be removed. Wood can leave other residues that can affect these structures. If you do not use it the same way, you need to take action in the same period as winter.

Practical multi-functional steel cotton display

Practical system extilos color furniture Corten

Whether made of rock or metal, cleaning is something we can not ignore. In summary, fire and metal use is probably the most versatile choice.

Advanced options with engraving

Exciting sculpture metal lagoon proposal

In terms of shape and design, you can choose from the bowls or large plates we mentioned. A modern special form that can be conical or pyramidal in shape. The diversity of materials, especially cast iron, steel and copper, is equally noteworthy.

Ideas for fresh terraces in a natural setting

Round basic concept Madra field

Mainly useful in terms of durability and exploitation. Because it does not matter if you fit other patio items. Its aesthetics as well as its features are another detail to emphasize. In addition to excellent heat sources, you can cook during holidays.

The effect of simulating the leaves of fire plants

Rock Special Base Sample System Sheet

Their mobility capacity is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities beyond the dimensions of our gardens. This depends on the characteristics and dimensions of the model.

Tree-based ideas with straight edges

Rustic steel patio concept plants

In terms of safety, it can be much better than the traditional one. This is complemented by numerous accessories that can be included in many cases. Check out the two screens and removable grills you need to improve your functionality.

Beautiful details about the rustic environment

Metal bowl facade furniture rock

Be careful about fire decorations and bonfires, regardless of style. Always evaluate factors such as fuel, size, and design. First of all, size is an important factor because of its diversity.

Steel in harmony with nature

Fuel version lena floor lagoon

It is important to consider these factors in order to buy fire mud that meets our needs. Space must be planned in detail. We will be very helpful in creating outdoor saloon entertainment. This will optimize the space and we will use all the corners of our garden.