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Exterior of modern two storey house

Exterior of modern two storey house

We will analyze a two-story house designed by the Prentiss Architects team. The second stage is unique in that it offers a unique style and provides the best image for the exterior. You will also see interior design that complements the exterior and complements the exterior. Of design.

Planning of 2-story building

Floor Plan

The first floor has a living room, a dining room and a kitchen, and a bedroom close to the carport. We see a central entrance (near the stairs).

As you can see on the map, the main view is on the left with the exit through the terrace.

House 2nd floor plan

Plan on the second floor

The second floor is designed with a fully equipped bathroom and walk around the closet, and the second room on the stairs completes the space.

The second floor rotates about the center axis (see frontal view below). This style gives the house a distinctive style.

Exterior and appearance of modern housing

The exterior of Hyundai 2-story house 2

The exterior of the two story building (Design: Prentiss Architects)

The exterior has a gray concrete fiber panel and offers a contemporary look with cedar wood and natural colors. Another solution for achieving a similar effect is to texturize the concrete applied to the wall with a line.

In the above photo, you can see only a small glaze area belonging to the staircase. This is because the house is mainly facing the back with green forests.

Modern 2-storey exterior with large windows

The rear facade is a visual representation of large windows and exterior landscapes for open natural daylight.

The rooms on the second floor and the social space on the first floor have excellent natural light and beautiful views on the outside. The ceiling is due to the window design on the floor.

Exterior of modern two storey house

View of the house with the exit at the back

View a two-story house in the woods

Seen from the outside forest

View of a two-story house

From the ground view, you can see the architectural details of the house

Interior design of a two-story building

The interior design of the house creates a comfortable and bright environment that is minimalistic and contrasts well with the natural tone of the wood furniture, using white on the walls or ceiling.

Kitchen Dining Room Design

Kitchen design with outside and beautiful scenic island and restaurant

Restaurant design with exterior view

Privileged View from Restaurant to Landscape

Wooden furniture and kitchen design

Kitchen furniture is made of natural wood.

Modern staircase design with wooden stairs and railroad tracks

Modern staircase design

Design of two furniture for eaves

Wooden furniture and double sink design

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Design by Prentiss Architects

Photo: Alex Hayden and Nozawa Kozo