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Exterior decoration, ideas for functional and fresh design

pergola exteriores decoracion efectos suelos

The exterior of much of the space is like a frame that strengthens the architecture. Everything that makes up the outside is important. The details at the end of the garden or access path are the most important.

Outside Decorated Modern Living Room

Nice exterior decoration orange wall

Therefore, exterior decoration is an aesthetic element with great value. The details of our outdoor area are all complementary to our home. They can generally be said to define the characteristics of our architecture.

Exterior decorative candles and furniture with cushions

Exterior Warm Channel Candles

Nowadays it is necessary to pay attention to these spaces. With proper enclosures, we will create more functional spaces and cogends during the hot months. It is our first priority to distinguish space from creativity and practice.

Elegant and functional design of terraces with various accessories

Outdoor decorative cushion textile parasol

In particular, I focus on various activities these days. Parties, or dining with friends and family, outdoor decoration should ensure a functional environment. Decorations in the garden in particular should be focused on creating an attractive space.

Ideas for a small multifunctional space

Cool Outdoor Elegant Elegant Umbrella

In decor we can give our garden a free and fresh image. It is suitable for a variety of applications with a noticeably natural accent area. There must be a greater approach towards nature.

Fun indoor courtyard with vertical garden

Exterior functional wall flower

In exterior decor that emphasizes freshness, we can find out when using color. We chose freshness of marine color or light color in many spaces. Especially with silver tones pearl moss and blues.

Elegant outdoor dining room, nice accent wall

Exterior Dining Room Lamp

You can use both color and contrast in outdoor furniture. We mainly use cushion or cushion. Flowers will always be a sure source in this regard. In addition to the dimension in terms of color and beauty, fragrance will be a good touch.

Decoration by the pool with pot and flowers

Outdoor decoration pool Special flower pots

The dimension to which fibers can be imported is essential for the exterior decoration. For example, curtains are one of the most influential resources. You can feel elegance in any style.

Designed for a cozy and warm modern space

Perugola exterior decoration effect floor

It is important to consider some details before choosing something. The main thing is the choice made of fabric. We can not forget that temperature and humidity are constantly changing.

Fruit and candle decoration table

The outer decorative segment solves the color.

If they are located in pergolas, it can be a great resource to make it look bigger. You have to lay it from the roof top to the floor. Same effect when decorating with a pot.

The detailed natural atmosphere of wood and metal

Special cushion striped window glass

An interesting variation on the exterior decoration of a small space. This effect can be achieved by choosing a large pot. If the furniture is not too big, you can increase the sense of space.

White pergola decorated with climbing plants

Fresh outdoor walkway

Both options create a powerful visual effect in terms of space size. In fact, it would be very useful to facilitate public transportation in the same way. It is a very necessary aspect when celebrations are held in these areas.

Natural effects of decoration, rock and crystal

Crystal rock bottom shelf crystal

The lighting is added to a full selection of furniture and colors. The wreath of light is very famous on patios and terraces. The usefulness of size and shape in terms of design is enormous. We can use traditional Christmas lights or lanterns.

Solutions with plant and carving elements

Sculpture local exhibition room sculpture

Choose the one that best fits your preference and your style. General lighting choices are not just details. The wrong choice can ignore the beauty of our exterior trim.

Design using rock garden and lamppost

Brick wall lampposts space rock

Choosing different products in terms of model or style can be complicated. Some of the ideas we have proposed to guide us a little are worth it. The first is to think about the function according to the requirements that must be met.

Pot decorated with plants and flowers

Cozy Tree Cool Yellow Idea

The purpose is to make the right choice. We can say lighting for aesthetic purposes and much more practical lighting. In the first case, it may be dim light or not highlight something in the garden.

Lighting effect on entrance

Metal style light background tree

For example, lighting the main entrance may require lighting with different characteristics. The second aspect to consider is power. Along with others with wiring, there are solar models with different autonomy.

Set up for a terrace with swimming pool

Natural Terrace Oasis Furniture corner

In the second case, you will need a little work to get everything working. Some solar lamps are very convenient to illuminate the path. It is probably the easiest and most practical kind of lighting.

Functional terrace with red accents

Wall accent green style rock

This is because there is no need to use electrical equipment. A good project should also include the energy requirements of each luminaire used overseas. Remember that incandescent bulbs can be much more expensive.

Patio with fire pit and storage space

Main Courtyard Special Entrance Steel

Otherwise, the recommended is the use of halogen and the other end is LED. They are the best examples of efficiency and durability. They are the most economical and environmentally friendly in the short and medium term.

Lanterns and flowers, small modern terrace

Small Balcony Concept Style Metal

For more information on art works in the same way, provide magic tickets on the outside. For example, sculptures can be located near pools and other spaces. They are very effective at filling somewhere in life.

Attractive colors of light colored fibers

Hall wood special concept tree

In the same way, the sauce is perfect to include the relaxing sound of water. Both elements are a way to introduce artistic elements. Likewise, they are special to emphasize the architectural value of our home.

Lamps for streets and …

Solar lamp special walkway

Garland lights and umbrella decorations

Umbrella Fonts Special Fonts Fonts