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Exterior and planning of a modern country house

Construye Hogar

Sustainable construction of a country house requires the use of elements such as wind in the air during winter and summer to provide comfort to residents and consume minimal energy resources. Now, in addition to producing energy, we will analyze Andrade Morettin Arquitetos' design. The beautiful structure can control the inflow of insects through the mesh.

Design of the front and side of the cottage

Ventilation through the holes in the metal side panels allows for a comfortable temperature in the house (Photo: Nelson Kon / Design by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos)

At the main front, you can see the mesh covering the entire front, avoiding insects coming into the house while avoiding the passage of fresh air.

Square Modern Country House Design

During the day the main exterior of the country house, we can see a "virtual wall" formed by an open mesh in the form of a door (please check the plan)

As the temperature rises during the day, you can "open the house completely" so that more air can enter, as shown in the picture above.

Country house exterior with mosquito net

When it rains, the cottage is exposed to the insect invasion by the light, and this problem is completely controlled

Mosquito net protection Country house restaurant

The cottage has a large open space (dining room and terrace) protected by a large mesh used as a mosquito net.

In most cases where residents prefer to be connected with nature in a country house, a very important terrace and outdoor dining room will be solved without losing comfort in the design of this house, as can be seen from the photo above.

Modern Country House Plan

Square-shaped cottage plan

Floor plan

In the center of the house there is a large living room, a dining room and a social area with a terrace that occupies the entire house and a bedroom, and a bedroom for two bathrooms.

Two-level map of country house

Second level plane

There are two bedrooms on the second floor, one of which is the main room and the bathroom is shared but each has a large terrace.

Graph of internal and external structure

Construction of Graphic Country House

Mounting diagram of field housing

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Design: Andrade Morettin Arquitetos

Photo: Nelson Kon