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Earrings and garden slopes

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That earring The hills of the garden are often a problem area when designing the landscape. Today we can get you an idea of ​​the land plan to show you the image of the terraced garden.

Uneven garden design with slopes and terraces

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When you set up a garden terrace, you can divide the steep slopes into smaller levels that spread out flat like a stepped pyramid, making the garden more attractive.

Garden design with original Corten steel terrace

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In this way, rebuilding the sloping terrain has created a system where rainwater seeps into the ground instead of rainwater. This prevents soil corrosion or loosening.

Beautiful garden design with stone terrace

Nice garden stone terrace

Timber is one of the best materials for building terraces. Treated wood, also known as pressure treated wood, is easy to work with, well mixed with plants and often cheaper than other materials.

Cover the slopes of the garden with terraces and wooden stools.

Terrace Terrace Terrace

Above all, this material is hard and has a long life. There are many types of wood handled in the market. From railroad sleepers to landscaping forests, it will last for years.

Garden design with orchards and wooden decks

Original Garden Garden Wood Earrings

You may have thought that a wood-processed product is harmful, but you do not have to worry.

Design of garden earrings with terrace and stand

Design Garden Terrace Modern Style

The Environmental Protection Agency has banned the use of hazardous chemicals and timber treated with modern wood is made from other less harmful compounds.

Small garden design with terrace

Design Modern Terrace Small Courtyard

Outside the US This can still be a problem, but the arsenic levels in the treated wood are generally negligible.

A beautiful garden with several terraces

Stairs garden with several terraces

Other materials that can be used on garden terraces include bricks, stones, concrete blocks, and stonework. Some stones, such as stones and fields, are specially made for walls and staircases.

Original design of flattened gardens with staircase and gardens

Great design in the courtyard level

In other words, if you do not have experience with this type of project, you can work much easier. One disadvantage, however, is that most stone or brick products tend to be more expensive than wood.

How to align ollie and garden earrings

How to organize a garden terrace

The safest and most popular way to build a terrace is to cut and fill. This technology keeps most of the soil unimpeded and provides greater protection against erosion.

Small gardens with paving floors and stairs

Garden flooring

Cutting and filling methods do not rely heavily on the inflow or purchase of additional land.

Flat stairs of stone stairs and garden hills

Garden level terrace stairs

If the walls of the terraces are quite large, the specialist will have to check with the specialist to ensure that the walls are adequately drained and securely connected to the rest of the wall. hillside

Level adjustment of garden slope with two steps

Garden orchards various heights

Due to the experience and equipment required to perform this task correctly, the terraces are no more than 1-2 feet tall depending on local regulations.

Lay up the terraces and level the terrain of the garden.

Level Terrace Terrace Terrace

Even if you do not want to hire a landscape architect, it's never a bad idea to talk to a specialist who can offer you a variety of options and choose the solution that best suits your landscape and budget.

Stone garden terrace decorated with flowers

Pardon garden terrace flowers

The increase is the vertical distance from the bottom of the top slope. Race is the horizontal distance between the top and bottom. Knowing this number will determine the number of terraces you can make in the space and the size of each terrace.

Patio with terrace and terrace decorated with plants

Original Patio Decoration Multiple Levels

For example, if your mileage is 20 feet, the increase is 8 feet, and you want the width of each bed to be 5 feet, you need four beds. The rise of each bed will be two feet.

Modern style terrace

Original modern terrace terrace

Sprinkle water on the hill for 24 hours before digging the ground. If you do not need to soak the soil, but there is some moisture, the dust will not rise when the soil starts to be excavated.

Garden design with modern terrace

Original low modern terrace design

Dig the trench along the horizontal floor of the slope. The depth of this floor must be equal to the radius of the horticultural material to be used.

Design Earrings and Garden Slopes

Hill slope hill garden

For example, if you use landscape wood and the length of the terrace is less than 2 feet, the wood should be less than half the thickness. The width of the trench should be slightly wider than the width of the timber.

Staircase and Garden Steps

Terrace Garden Stairs Stairs

In essence, the depth of the trench depends on how much you want to increase the terrace. Make sure that the depth is constant over the entire length of the trench.

Super modern garden design with slopes

Modern Luxurious Garden Terrace

If you find uneven stains, add or remove the soil you need with a shovel.

Original design of modern garden with terrace

Modern Terrace House Design

When things are at a certain depth, wrap them around the soil on the bottom of the trench.

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