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Design of two-story building with plan and face

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In the front of the building, you will create ideas in a modern square house built of concrete made of wood. You will see details such as the caladuras and double walls that give the house a unique style. In the plan we will analyze the environmental distribution as much as possible. To efficiently build square areas, see:

Exterior and appearance of a modern house

Modern Square House Facade (Design: 100 Architectural Planning)

The house looks imposing despite the small terrain we will see later as planned. The main facade on the first floor is covered with trees. And the two walls met at the corners have a small hole for entry. light

Exterior of a modern small square house

Rear exterior of the house designed with a small simple terrace with swimming pool

The back of the house is minimalist style, with a terrace with wood floors and a swimming pool. You can create this area if you have space, but you can actually decorate the rooftop according to the local climate. For example, use wooden slats protruding from the first or second floor roofs.

Detail of openwork wooden wall

View of sunset facade

Detail of a small two-story house wall

Detail of wooden veneer Concrete wall protruding from 1st floor and 2nd floor

Small rectangular housing plan

Square housing plan

1. Top roof plan 2. Two story plan 3. One story plan (click to enlarge)

The architecture of the house is actually a perfect square, but the adjoining area belongs to a carport with a roof.

On the ground floor there is a terrace with a swimming pool, a kitchen-dining room, and a living room with a bathroom, and the main entrance is marked with an arrow.

There are three bedrooms on the second floor, a closet and bathroom in the main bedroom, and a bathroom in the second bedroom in the back of the stairs.

Height planning of Hyundai 2nd floor house

Planning the height of square houses

Interior Design

The interior of the house stands out as a simple design line, the floor is made of wood and most of the walls are covered with white paint.

Design of modern white kitchen

Kitchen Design

Staircase design with windows on the ceiling

Stair design with ceiling lighting (see roof planning)

Staircase design with wooden stairs

Staircase design with wooden stairs

For more ideas, enter a two-story modern house with two plan houses, planning and interior design.

Design: 100 architectural plans

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