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Design of modern country house [dos pisos]

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If you have a small land in the field or you can retrofit a beautiful house according to the architectural design patterns you will see below, you should create an environmental distribution of the plan as well as an idea of ​​the appearance.

Main exterior and profile design of cottage house

Main appearance (Photo: dwell / Design: Space Division)

The house has a typical design we see in a country house like the roof with two waters, the first floor sees exposed concrete. And the second was to put a cedar tree as a coating, always remember to choose indigenous building materials as follows. This case.

Profile of Country House

View profile of modern country house (Photo: dwell)

A plan of a house built on a small plot

Small house plan

On the left is the first floor on the second floor, to the right.

  • Terrace
  • B Restaurant
  • C Room
  • D Kitchen
  • E bathroom
  • F Bedroom
  • G 2nd floor master bedroom
  • H office

The main entrance can be seen from the lower left (through the room). On the first floor, you find a social space in front of the house. It consists of a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen.

On the second floor you will find a main bedroom, a study room or an office with a large empty space (a rectangle with crossed lines in the plan), which belongs to a restaurant and kitchen with a first floor ceiling.

Interior design is excellent as natural light.

Interior design of country house

Interior design of the house (Photo: dwell)

As we have seen in the plan, the ceilings of restaurants and kitchens are twice as tall, and high windows are placed to increase the lighting, giving the exterior a space with a very good visual effect with a high ceiling ratio.

Kitchen design of modern country house dining room

Minimalist kitchen design and country style dining room (Photo: dwell)

For more ideas, go to the Rural Homes Construction section and choose the front and planning models that will affect building your house.

Design: Split Space

Photo: Simon Devitt

Via: Residence