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Comfort Zone in the garden designed by Alessandro Isola –

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Today we show you the gardens that are part of Le Monde Winery design in northeast Italy. Designer Alessandro Isola has designed a private refuge next to the pool and offers the lowest level of comfort to ensure that winery guests have an enjoyable time outdoors.

Comfort Zone with a nice design

Comfortable Area Modern Garden Wide Idea

The purpose of the design was to create a public and private balancing space in the gardens of this vineyard, allowing visitors to enjoy an unforgettable journey.

Modern comfort zone of the garden

Comfortable area modern garden wood cesed water ideas

The linearity of the garden design was inspired by the vineyards surrounding the space. Le Monde Winery is located in the sea and hills of northeast Italy where traditional wine culture is not forgotten.

Spacious gardens with 2 modern seating areas

Area relaxing garden modern two pergolas idea

Le monde is not only a winery, but also a visitor center and guest house. The enclosing fence is made of vertically arranged corrtent steel pieces. The location of the sculpture makes it possible to see part of the garden from the outside.

Comfort Zone living room and dining room under a large gardens

Local Comfort Garden Modern Place Dining Ideas

In the wine tasting room visitors will be taken to the main garden on the left. On the right side visitors have winery buildings.

Pergola floor and wooden bench

Comfortable area modern garden furniture wood level low ideas

If you follow the road on the left, you will see the main entrance garden. Corten's large plate is carved with insights into the wines of several poets. The personal garden you have in today's image is on a low wall. Corten Valley heightens your privacy to hide your view into the pool, shower and rest area.

A garden with a luxurious break room

Relaxing area modern garden pergola wood ideas

There is a private pathway to the other pergola covered with wood, with a barbecue area and seating area underneath which guests can use the space at their most popular times. Today's swimming pool is divided into two spaces separated by stone stairs just above the water level, giving them a floating fantasy.

pergola's tree

Area relaxing garden modern wood pergola idea

There is a shallow whirlpool jacuzzi on one side and a section on the other. The automatic cover covers and protects the swimming pool. The stone staircase ends at the teak bottom and reaches its highest point in the living room with a pergola protruding over a curved steel beam to shade the indentation at the bottom.

Very large swimming pool in modern garden

Comfortable area modern garden pool path slab idea

The result is a garden that blends in with the surrounding surroundings, providing a perfect environment for guests to be welcomed and to ensure complete comfort. Now let's review this interesting image again.

A garden designed by Alessandro Isola

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