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When you think of concrete walls, the first image you like will feel like you are in a warehouse with a dark indoor industrial space and a monotonous exterior. Today we will break this image and try to erase it from our minds with an incredible and very original concrete wall cladding idea.

Concrete Wall Cladding Ideas

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It is a good way to integrate this uncommon material to cover walls in our homes. Our option is to use translucent concrete. Concrete that passes light may look like an innovation, but it was first used in 1935. Today's company can create a concrete block that transmits light through the combination of fine-grained concrete and concrete. The element that conducts light to the fiber in this way looks like the concrete shines inside.

Translucent concrete block wall cover

I made a bright concrete idea of ​​different shapes.

This material is especially used in buildings of precise construction and inner wall cladding. In the following image you can see how this amazing material is used on the interior walls. The first project was a hotel restoration where designer Albert Abutov could create a unique separation between the main space and the bathroom.

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This material enters the toilet in the daylight, artificial in the night. Our image will allow us to see the warmth that this wall has given us.

Wall of concrete block with light coming in

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Modern restaurant with concrete walls

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An image of a concrete wall seen from the outside

Image Exterior Concrete Lighting Hotel Idea

Large building with concrete walls

Concrete walls allow light to convey ideas.

Concrete wall blocks with different images

Light can convey local ideas through concrete walls.

A closer concrete wall

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Another image of a concrete parde made close

Incredible shapeHormones that cover the walls convey the idea of ​​light. Jorge Hotels Hotel Bedroom Idea Covering WallHorcover Original Modern Ideas WallcoveringWall covering innovative ideas with modern wallswallcovering near the image pointA wall with an incredible concrete imageThe wall covering the light conveys concrete ideas.Translucent concrete demo wall coverThe lamp made a concrete idea modern block.

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