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Boho deco stylish; Fill the space with light!

boho deco chic iluminación ventanas mobiliario salón

Do you enjoy sunshine without leaving home? At first glance it looks crazy but absolutely possible. The proposal is exciting and dangerous. boho deco chic. It is an ideal style that gives life to the rooms with large glass windows where we can sunbathe. For example, a glass-enclosed terrace is more comfortable than a boho style. The most important thing is the abundant light and especially the sunlight. So, as we said above, big windows are mandatory. The roof can even be a transparent or panoramic wall.

Boho Deco stylish big window

boho deco fashionable lighting windows glasses fiber

What we have left is to engage in the magic of deco-stylish protection (beo boho), transforming the space into something unique. Deco without fiber What is fashionable protection? The fabric we add should always be a very impressive color, like the features of this style. The details to consider are fingerprints that represent other cultures, such as Arabic. The effect we seek in our case is to obtain or maintain maximum solar illumination.

Bohol Deco A lot of light in a stylish living room

Boho Deco stylish lighting windows living room furniture

So we have to try to find the curtains so that they do not block the entrance of the light in case we use curtains. If we are not only to relax, but also to give more dynamics to our space, the answer is also the use of the color of the déco-styled boho boho. We can create different shades in different environments with red and orange hues, or create a more discreet environment using blue or brown or other muted shades.

Boho deco mix of plants and wood and chic

boho deco stylish Jacuzzi hammock tree

With good lighting, it can be ideal to add plants, so you can put them in a pot in a ceiling or furniture. The idea is to create comfort. So furniture should be comfortable. We can make a mix of different types and styles, preferably old cushions, on the floor that is lying down. Relaxing, vibrant colors and invitations have already been created in an environment filled with work, emotion. Do you dare?

Rich use of plants and sunlight

boho deco stylish tree wooden garden plants

Cushions with bright colors contrasted with plants

Cushion boho vine sofa cushion

Refined Bohol Deco in rooms with wide lighting

Cushion furniture wood color windows

Bright colored fibers combined with wood

Design Ideas Boho Terrace Light Fiber Living

Saturation of green hue contrasted with garden background

Style cushion window stool boho deco

Different styles of large windows and furniture

Lighting boho table wood color plants

Use striking colors in fabrics and cushions

Lighting boho windows wood living room

Unlike white, the light input is wide.

Bright garden cushion boho furniture lighting

Wooden lighting design patio windowBotanical boho light frame metal lightWindow lighting table metal