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Bedroom decor – 80 breathtaking ideas

habitacion diseño moderno luz natural

Our room is the most personal and intimate space. It's where we feel more comfortable, so it's the best place to choose our bedroom decor to develop our personality and make you feel comfortable and comfortable. Today we offer 80 fantastic ideas and suggestions for ideal bedroom decorations.

Classical style bedroom decor

Pink Classic Link Flower Bed

We will pay special attention to the bed. The main furniture in the bedroom is a common room that no one should interfere with. The atmosphere you want to decorate your bedroom is comfort and serenity. All bedrooms must be cozy in their own way.

Minimalist Gray-toned Baby Room

Fourth Baby Minimalism Cradle

Let's take a look at the features shared by the minimalist. Bedroom decor The colors we present to you should not collide too much. Look for open spaces and simplicity in a straight and smooth structure. We must purify the space of all innocence because what we think is resting our hearts here.

Modern design of the rooms

Large red wall bedAs a special trend, beds are rectangular building blocks, no headboards, no legs. We also find another variant of this model in a perfectly smooth leather-covered bed. If you choose the headboard for them, you can not interfere with the harmony.

Rooms in dark purple and white design

Good room dark purple headboard

However, there are many who continue to choose the more classic bedroom decor. To them we also provide innovative ideas that are very useful. Details such as a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a knight stand made of solid wood carved wood, bronze or silver handles and handles, match the luxurious and warm look we are looking for.

Classic design for children's room

Large bedroom woman white

As for the color, we will not get too much from the tradition, although we can achieve a very noble look if we choose a set of white bedroom furniture with golden details. This will give more room to the room with reduced space and give a sense of greater amplitude.

Bedroom with large classic style wooden bed

Large Wooden Bed Room Classic Style

Let's look at the youth room of the image. Many people are repeating the same minimalist and modern patterns, but I keep on knowing that they use a lot of colors this time. Light and soft material; Furniture that allows mobility. A very good idea for decorating a children's bedroom is the expandable furniture to save space.

Bedroom with wooden mosquito net

Fourth Bed Mosquito Net Yellow Tree

But we also look for classic bedroom decorations for children and young people. Furniture reminds me of an adult room, in which case everything will be smaller. A more neutral and balanced color creates a cozy and serene atmosphere.

Hyundai Blue Room

Very modern blue bedroom

Let's talk a little about the proper location of each household. We use many well-known tips in feng shui style and offer many advantages in today's design and comfort. We will talk about the location of the bed again. If possible, arrange it in the center of the furniture so that the rest of the furniture can circle around it.

Pink bedroom decoration space

Fourth decorative pink purple carpet

We will try not to get anything in bed, but we will try to use lighter materials in case we are inevitable. The bed has a headboard, which is recommended away from home entrance. This style considers peace, energy and vibration constantly, so it is very important for people to see in bed. The windows and mirrors should not be behind the bed and should not be in the front.

Light white bedroom

Mirror of white light in the fourth bedroom

Double rooms or double rooms must have equity and symmetry. For them, there will be a pair of each piece of furniture or an object of personal use, for example, two identical nightstands, two equal carpets, and so on. Community furniture such as beds or closets should be equally accessible to all residents.

Bedroom design of salmon and white color

White salmon color

We must remember that prosperity and prosperity change are made in this culture. We will remove from our view everything that puts stress, such as everyday duties, including everyday electronic devices. If possible, the desk should be separated from our resting place.

Colorful children's bedroom with flowers and yellow

Fourth bedroom children yellow flowers

Colors do not have to be aggressive and bed linen should be made of natural materials such as linen, cotton or hemp. There is something that should not change us in this space. Everything we see must lead to tranquility and tranquility without obstacles or obstacles. Finally, we will talk about the complement.

Pale gray toned modern bedroom

Gray puf modern bedroom

Decorations that can be very useful, such as curtains, curtains and bedspreads. Carpets can play a role in separating space, but if you use multiple mats in your bedroom, it is better to have the same set or similar pitch, but not the same.

Bedroom with modern decor and large windows

Fourth bedroom poster color window

The rug can also be an intricate element to the interior, so you can choose a color that contrasts with the color you choose for your bedroom decor. Do not cover the entire floor of the bedroom, but leave a margin of about 1 meter on the wall. This avoids the illusion of space saving.

Modern rooms in blue and orange tones

Fourth room light blue orange

Let's look at some practical tips for choosing curtains in your bedroom. According to intimacy, we want to choose opaque or translucent fabrics. In classical bedrooms, velvet, such as silk or satin, is suitable. The color and material of the curtain also depends on the season and the natural light coming from the outside.

An orange room

Good orange bedspread light

We will also add that the size and length of the curtains is also important for different effects on the bedroom decor. If the room is small and the ceiling is low, placing a curtain that almost reaches the floor is the solution.

Bedroom decor with rectangular platform for bed

Square Decor Bedroom Platform

The rectangular platform for the bed is very nice, especially when the bed is fitted with black plaster decorated with wooden walls, the interior offers many modernity and elegance. In addition to the decoration of the wall you can extend it to the floor and in this way you can make many style bedroom.

Children's room with blue bed

Child room bed blue car

On the other hand, children's rooms can spontaneously converse and use their originally shaped bed for originality. For children, car or truck-shaped beds are very suitable because they approach their own style and taste. Also, keep in mind that color is important in children's rooms. Girls always prefer pink and purple, and boys will prefer blue and green colors.

Children's room with bunk beds and lime green walls

Lima Green for children's rooms

On the other hand, if you have two children sharing a room together, you can choose a bunk bed. Between these beds there is a very original bed with a slide down the stairs to climb the stairs. By combining the style of the bed with the style and color of the interior decor, you can fill the interior with originality and modernity.

Purple and orange children's room with bunk beds

Children room purple orange bunk bed

On the other hand, in bedroom decorations, you can use two colors to decorate your interior. These shades are very vivid and cheerful, so you can fill your living room gorgeously. You can do this by placing some purple and other oranges of furniture. Both colors work very well and you can use two colors for decorative contrast.

Children's room with red and white bands

Children's room red white band

On the other hand, the two-tone decoration of the interior can be done with wall wallpaper. To do this, you can choose a wallpaper with white and red stripes. You can apply these color decorations in this way. For this reason, it can be applied to other parts of the room. You can choose white furniture with red bedding or choose striped bedding.

Modern bedroom with yellow leather-covered bed

Skin modern yellow yellow black

On the other hand, if the elegance and modernity of dark and black are dominant in the bedroom, you can bring brightness and joy to the decorative yellow details. It can be used as a bed platform for this color and also for furniture. In this way, decorate the bedroom with a striking decorative accent over dark tones.

Modern rooms with minimalist design

Modern room design minimalist cushion

Bright colors, on the other hand, are also very suitable for bedroom decorating. In addition this color will help you open the interior and fill it with light. This idea is great in small rooms. On the other hand, you can create a very original combination between the color of the bedding and the color of the floor. This combination can also be done using walls.

Children's room with striped wallpaper

Room very yellow striped paper

As well as the children's room, the bright and bright colors are well suited for children's personality and young temperament. You can choose to decorate your orange bedroom this way for your daughter. With this color, you can add decorations to other happy-colored apps, use vertical wallpapers, or use decorative panels.

Double bed in pink and black room

Quarter Pink Black Zebra Double Bed

We should also keep in mind that the most commonly used color in modern and elegant decor is black. However, in children's rooms this color provides a very serious and structured air in the room, so it can be combined with other colors. The pink will give you the youth you are looking for. In addition to this form, you can use black to create a lot of contrasting decorations and use pink as an accent.

The colors of the modern rooms are green and orange.

Quarter Green Orange Band Mirror

On the other hand, you can bet on various decoration details to complete the decoration of the interior and combine it without exceeding the decoration. In this way, you can decorate the wall with a mirror in addition to color. You can choose a mirror of elegant and modern design.

Luxurious room decor in white

Decorative room luxurious white bedspread

On the other hand, white can also greatly increase the elegance and modernity of the interior, especially when you make the right combination of colors. You can hang white with light gray tones. In this way, you can introduce the originality of the interior and combine it with some pictures or pictures with black or white or black decoration details.

Room decoration is gray and beige

Branch decoration brown gray tree

On the other hand, gray and beige fill the interior with a sense of balance and naturalness. Keep in mind the effects of wood shades on rooms and people. On the other hand, gray color gives originality and introduces others.

Modern bedroom decor with wallpaper

Large Clock Bedroom Decor

The wallpaper of the room where the color and the tone of the interior are mixed is very good. You can also choose wallpaper with additional decorations that include modern and elegant designs.

Colorful designs in turquoise and white decor

Decorative design colorful turquoise fan

To fill the interior with life and light, you can present bright and brilliant colors indoors like aquamarine blue or turquoise hues. They are very exotic in color and you look good with white furniture.

Modern design decoration for spacious space

Percussion design with modern design

On the other hand, if you want to use the picture to decorate the interior, hang it on the front wall of the bed. The pictures taken by the car are very elegant and look especially good on the walls of modern bedrooms. The car that appears especially on this car is the latest model of an elegant car.

Design decor for gray bedroom

Decorative design room gray garret

Focusing on the carpet for a moment, the carpet with long hair is very elegant and goes well with the bedroom. You can also choose a larger carpet that you can put under your bed.

Design decoration color red and black

Decoration Design Room Red Black

However, keep in mind that carpets must be combined with the colors of the interior. This allows the light carpet of the interior to be decorated in a darker color to introduce the necessary contrast to give the decor a correct movement.

Design decorations for bedrooms or living rooms

Bedroom living room sofa with decorative design

On the other hand, carpets with figures or decorative motifs can be combined with other decorative motifs in the interior, so they look great in elegant interiors. On the other hand, if the smooth colors and straight lines inside your interior are predominant, the carpet's flower motif will introduce originality inside.

Youth bedroom decor in blue color

Blue bedroom decor electric violin

By contrast, a very good carpet in a children's room is a small thing you can put next to the bed or at the feet of this. In this way you can choose a rounded carpet or other shape and complete the upholstery.

Bedroom decor with panda and bamboo stickers

Bedroom Decor Panda Bamboo Bear

On the other hand, you can also add wall decorations to decorative panels or decorative vinyls in youth rooms and bedrooms. Vinyl is a sticker to choose color or black.

Bedroom decor with minimalist style straight linesBedroom decoration minimalist straight

On the other hand, you can decorate the walls with pictures. The modernity and elegance of this room can be introduced with some paintings placed beside the bed or it can be placed in the center. However, be careful not to exceed the number of frames.

A room with a very original bunk bed type

Children's Room Decorated Blue Stairs

By contrast, people with many children can choose beds that act as walls. There is an original design embedded in the wall and a unique bed with decorative panels.

Very original bedroom decoration with black color and interesting furniture design

Luxury black pouf room decoration

It's also important to remember that you can bet on modern, elegantly designed furniture to decorate your bedroom and walls. On the other hand, the form of furniture can be a form that is related to the nobility, remembering the past era.

Use black wooden furniture to enhance the style and elegance of your bedroom.

Modern large bedroom decor

On the other hand, if you want to be modern and faithful and decorate your bedroom with the elegance of the century, you can choose furniture that combines wood and other colors. However, if you want to introduce the contrast in your room you can choose light wood furniture and bright colors with dark wood and furniture Osucro or furniture.

Place lighting on the ceiling of the correct place to enhance decor and enhance modernity.

Decoration for modern bedroom comfort

You can also use bed linen if you want to introduce the contrast. However, it is best to choose a bed with a phalla forma to do so. This will strengthen the boot. You can place some white sheets with black decoration details such as a cushion on a black palataforma. However, you can also place black sheets on a black platform, and decorative details should be white.

Very simple decorated bedroom in bright colors

Decoration I designed two teen beds

On the other hand, if your style is simpler and more classic, you can make the decorations for the bedroom not so original. This requires bright, neutral colors and classic furnishings.

Blue design turquoise bedroom decor

On the other hand, the classical air of interior decorations can be introduced as furniture combined with strong colors to complete the decor. This color can be used for decorative details of the bed, such as walls and headboards and bedding.

Satin Luxurious Bed Design

You can also select the original shape of the headboard, which combines curves and straight lines. On the other hand, bed sheets and platform beds can be placed indoors to create a contrast between the walls and the bed.

Design Kids Room Blue Blue White

On the other hand, beds and furniture in youth bedrooms are more original in the design of bed and furniture, so we can decorate more innovative and impromptu work. In this way, you can choose a bed with a headboard that mimics the design of an armchair.

Design decorated female luminous room

You can also decorate your own lines if you want to decorate your bedroom to bet on a line of furniture. That's why you can choose a lamp that hangs on both sides of the bed and hangs the cable.

Spacious bedroom design beautifully shining

Instead, the lamp can also be used to decorate the interior ceiling. You can choose a lamp with a fun design or choose an inconspicuous lamp to decorate your bedroom. These last ones are very suitable for interiors with many decorative details and we do not want to continue to enhance the decor.

Modern design red lips illustration

On the other hand, when it comes to decorating, you can use strong and drab colors as well as excessive decorative details. In this case, you should use white and light colors to balance the upholstery.

Bedroom Bed Super Brown Carpet

In this way, the decor is balanced by the color of the interior, creating a much more pleasant and orderly atmosphere with lines and shapes. In these modern interiors, bright, dark colors are typically entangled between furniture, walls and floors.

Boy Sailor Wooden Boat Bedroom

The color combination between furniture and walls can be made of wood furniture standing on a white wall. But the tree must be dark to make contrast. In addition, this decoration is not aggressive, so it is also good for children's rooms.

Bedroom decoration oriental bongsai light

We should also consider that furniture layout helps decorate the interior of the room. You can place furniture with mirrors on the wall in the color combination with other furniture in front of the bed. In addition to this form, you can also create some sets.

Bedroom design paper wall wood

On the other hand, the life and joy of an interior can also be introduced as a panel to decorate walls with scenes full of light and colors. However, this panel is very well decorated with white decor and neutral brown tones.

Children bedroom yellow blue bed

In this picture, you can see an example of a room decorated with two patterns: the combined colors of the two patterns are blue and yellow. The balance between them is also made white and white on the floor and wall.

 Luxurious large bed room

Using all the decorative details in this way, you can create a very modern and elegant interior. Here you can relax and have a good time. Also, keep in mind that you can throw yourself away for hours in bright, lively surroundings.

Luxury Bedroom Red Round Bed

So you can make decorations with the colors that already exist in the interior, and make the right combination without having to change the furniture and colors of the walls and floors.

Modern bedroom gray classic lamp

In small interiors, dark colors will close the room, and bright colors have the effect of magnifying it, so I should also consider if it is a large and small bedroom that can select the color of the room properly. Open it.

Bedroom pink carpet purple butterfly

On the other hand, in terms of coloring, we also need to consider who the room is for, whether it is for adults, young people or children. Bright and dark colors can be chosen for adults' rooms, but bright colors are more suitable for young people and especially for children's rooms.

Bedroom Super Orange Wall Plants

You can also use the plants to decorate after choosing the colors for your upholstery. The green color is very good and the interior is very vivid. Also, when combined with the plants decorate the walls with bright colors, the effect is very elegant.

Beige Pale Lime Green Bedroom

On the other hand, in dry rooms, dry plants and curved sticks that can be placed in the corner of the room are great. On the other hand, modern touches can be increased using high modern vases.

White Room Net View Beach

On the other hand, for architecture itself, glass is the best way to achieve and approach an elegant style. Therefore, you can increase the brightness of your home by choosing walls with large crystals and very large windows.

Classic cool white room

Crystal-decorated bedrooms are more suitable for small interiors because of the more abundant light entering the room. The rich light combined with the bright colors of the furniture and decoration creates the effect of magnifying the interior.

Bedroom Gray Minimalist Bedroom

In large interiors, there is not a problem because the lack of large windows and large windows do not play an important role. You can also choose dark colors to decorate walls and light colors in this interior and use it only in furniture.

Modern Decorated Room with Beach View

On the other hand, if you have a pool at home and the bedroom overlooks that wall, you can have a nice view using wall glass. The glass can be designed from top to bottom, and modern curtains can be added on both sides of the glass to complete the decoration.

Rooms Modern design spacious sunset

On the other hand, if you are not fortunate enough to live in a modern building on a high floor overlooking the lights of a big city, you can use decorative panels to show the lights and buildings of the modern city.

Modern design room natural light

These decorative panels can also be found with integrated mirrors and can be placed in bed headboard locations. In this way, the mirror completes the decoration inside the bedroom.

Room Modern Design Horizontal Window

On the other hand, on the wall behind the bed, you can create a small window that helps decorate. You can also place your aquarium in this part of the house and decorate your bedroom with fish.

habitación dormitorio amarillo recto luz

Ademas los armarios con espejos en las puertas son una buena idea para decorar con muebles y con espejos sin excederse en los detalles decorativos. Solo tenéis que escoger los muebles de los diseños y colores adecuados para hacer las combinaciones y contrastes que queréis. De esta forma la decoración dormitorios será muy moderna y elegante.

habitación moderna armario grande espejos