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Bambu, application and details for efficient crops

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Bamboo has incredible ornamental power and is very popular in other spaces. It is now common to find it in parks, gardens and many stairs. Among its main charms we can say its variety and its color.

Bambu applies to the space sector

bambu environment elegant furniture wall

As well as the size bamboo can reach. Its decorative effects and constructive properties make it very special. Bamboo can change the image of our courtyard and we can develop it in many ways.

Bamboo combined with a fountain in the patio center

Fancy bamboo color fountain

The characteristics of bamboo for gardening will also save our hard work. Easy to maintain and adapt to mild climate. Its resistance is also very high and can grow where there is intense light.

To create a warm and intimate space in the courtyard

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We must bear in mind that when we are in intense cold we may lose leaves. More than 1,500 species are registered, but the species best suited to your garden can be grouped.

Design for porch with low growth diversity

Slowly growing tradas invasive plants

One of them grows up to about 1.5m, so it is known as a dwarf bamboo. Small other species can also reach up to 3 meters. In this dimension different species can reach 8 meters.

Elegant courtyard with natural accents

Bamboo dark pot space details

We must be careful because your choice is an invasive plant. Especially when there is a free area in the garden area. Some sturdy, tall species such as Fargesia. It is not a colony and it will look like a spectacular.

Outdoor Decoration Furniture

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It can reach up to 4-6 meters in terms of dimensions. Its roots are actually superficial about 50 centimeters. Fargesia murieliae features a beautifully colored maple leaf.

Other constructive applications

Bamboo colorful style image cushion

Mainly incoming varieties need some control with barriers. Plantations made directly on the ground are better than invasive plants. Bamboo also looks great in a pot or grower.

Applied to various styles of buildings

Bamboo Style Concept Furniture Vacation

In both cases, there are some important rules to consider. The first is that the container must fit the size of the plant. The second rule is to have a drain point. If necessary, drill to prevent the roots from reaching the water or decaying.

A cool and charming garden with wooden fences

bambu style woods contrast lamp

Obviously the substrate is another very important detail. Basically pine bark compost can be added with fiber mixture. Fertilizer can be applied on a regular basis. As a rule, it is evergreen, so you can enjoy the green foliage for a long time.

Interesting suggestions with rocky edges

atarctivos rock natural patios rock

From a practical point of view, it will be very useful to control the wind. If you need to make a dense plant cover, the dwarf variant will be perfect. An important aspect is that you can replace the pool without damaging it at all.

Celebration center

Center table flower space rock

We can make bamboo and make different color contrast in the garden. There are accents especially black, pink or white. Other solutions, such as wood decks, blend greatly.

Bamboo stick processing structure

Cushion ambintes space yellow area

If you have evidence of some of the invaded areas, you can use martro and regularly hurt. Over time, plants will disappear because of the conditions created. The application of this plant is truly amazing.

Sun Garden for modern interiors

Garden indoor zen and glass floor

Everything is possible if you analyze it globally, not to mention the composition. There are many good examples of houses made of bamboo. Reeds are often used as pillars. The best in terrace decor is ideal for awnings.

Garden, modern flowerbed variety

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Its power and endurance make it truly versatile. So there are good examples of furniture. In the same way, bamboo sticks are very flexible. This attribute allows the structure to be entangled and robust.

Variation of pot, pool area

flowerpots growing pine elegant swimming pool

For example, there is a torch that often decorates outdoor paths. It is a great resource for creating a very visually pleasing thin atmosphere. If you have a bamboo structure in your home, you can extend your life to treatment.

Screen to distinguish common space

Wooden Floor Element Cool Concept Screen

Pergolas walls or enclosures can be made of this incredible material. You can attach already dried reeds to the frame. In most cases, you can treat with lime or get expert advice.

Excellent complement for outdoor areas

Modern lawn space

To fill our garden of life, we can compare it with other species. Japanese maple trees are one of them in addition to orange trees. Thanks to beautiful foliage this is the last event. This will make it possible to prepare for autumn because of the brown coloration.

Functional outdoor furniture

Special Furniture Concept Salon Flower

Perfectly blend with green bamboo. Bamboo can also be combined with other decorative details such as fountains. Especially because of the nice texture of the stone. Planting next to the fountain will be like a little magic corner thanks to the sound of water.

Wall with bamboo cane in bright colors

Walled fountain lamparas lamparas

In the same way, you can separate the room to separate the room. Some interlaced sticks can define multiple areas within a house. Above all, the irregularity that characterizes the stem is very unique.

Frames with bamboo pillars

Special wall green indoor tree

Therefore, you will be welcomed in the same way in the classroom. You may also be wondering which is very surprising to the vase. In this case, plants will grow much slower in contrast to being on the ground.

Natural accent patio with rocks

Blue functional exterior

Unique greenery gives fresh impression. It is recommended to place it on a wet photometer for better development. We can put a vase in the bathroom. This will facilitate better development. Enjoy some solutions from interesting images.

Contrast with dark-colored mulch

Walkway Mulch Color Style Ideas

Functional daybed with backrest and cushion

Cushioning furniture pieces into clear pieces