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If you want to add an interesting touch to your home today, you will always have ideas that will be great. We are talking about the wood floor exactly. From ancient times, trees have been used in the homes of people of high standard of living. But nowadays we can do this wonderful decoration in our house.

Natural curved wooden flooring

Ideas Curve Tree Natural Modern Living Room

It is very common to find a parquet in many friends' houses. The choice of hardwood floors is a serious and responsible decision. Because we can not deny that it is not as economical as a traditional floor but it has a great advantage because it has durability. Another advantage is that it can be placed on various surfaces such as cement and ceramics.

Interesting ideas with dark wood floors

Modern parquet floor living room wide wood

It is a good idea to use phenolic wood as a base before setting the floor. You can improve the entire operation. We can find a variety of parquet floors, but the most traditional parquet is the cheapest option in the market. Another option is similar to floor or floor stacked with tarred boards, but entarugado is darker in color.

Another idea of ​​a curved tree in the living room

Ideas - Original - Living Tree Curves

You can also choose the pinotea floor. Their main advantage is a very rustic style that is very resistant to humidity. Not all timbers have the same characteristics when selected. Wood floors are protected in a variety of ways, extending their life and improving their appearance.

Modern and original floor

Fun modern wooden flooring ideas

Post-placement grinding is very common in improving the appearance of the soil. A natural alternative to soil protection is the hydrolaqueado, which dries very quickly. Now, let's take a look at some helpful images.

Modern living room with wooden floor

Modern Living Room Bottom Tree Curves Design

Very bright lacquered wood

Floor Gloss Lacquer Idea Design

Original Form for Your Floor

Interesting innovative form of wood flooring ideas

Another idea of ​​different shapes and bright colors

Bottom Wood Interior Ideas Original Modern Design

Jamie Beckwith collection floor

Bottom Wooden Puzzle Original Ideas Modern Design

Solid wood for home use

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