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10 fruits and vegetables that can grow in a pot –

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Today we have articles for everyone who wants to live a healthy life and eat more vegetables. It is tempting to grow your own fruits and vegetables especially in the summer. Unfortunately, many people do not have enough space for this and the dream of picking fresh fruits and vegetables ends. Today, however, we present some vegetables that can grow in pots that can be placed anywhere on the garden, on the terrace, or even on the balcony.

Fruits and vegetables that can grow at home

Fruit Vegetables Growing Lettuce Ideas

The first plant we eat today is lettuce. If you like an environmentally friendly salad, you can enjoy your own freshly grown salad. This requires the use of small pots to grow individual plants, or the use of long, rectangular boxes in plant columns. Frequent watering is important because lettuce needs good drainage. There are many types of lettuce, smooth, curly green leaf tips or dark coloring. Lettuce is about 6 inches away from seeds that need to be sown.

Salad Fruits & Vegetables

Fruit vegetable lettuce lettuce salad grow ideas

We continue to use another important ingredient for cucumber salad. Raising cucumbers in pots is a rewarding experience for novice gardeners.

Vegetables without salad are cucumbers.

Fruit vegetable growing pot cucumber idea

Rich compost and abundant water supply will help rapid growth. You can raise cucumbers by inserting two sticks and tie them together. Do not wait until the rope weighs heavily.

Cucumber fruit and vegetable ideas in pot

Fruit vegetables pot cucumber cucumber wood ideas stick

Moss is a great crop for planting in pots, especially for gardeners who have not had much experience. If you are impatient, you will grow very quickly, so you can grow radish and see results in the shortest time.

Fruit and vegetable ideas in a pot of radish

Fruit vegetables grow potted plants.

Fill the pot with a rich mixture of compost-based soil. Use deep pots for longer species and shallow species for round radish. Seed is 2-3 inches apart.

Rich water for radish

Fruit vegetables grow the idea to water purple radish

You can grow several carrot rows in a large rectangular pot or grow 5 or 6 carrots in a round pot that is slightly larger than usual. Carrot plants do not need to have much to do with anything. The only thing is planting plants and watering them over long distances.

Fruit and vegetable ideas of carrots in a home-grown pot

Fruit vegetables pot potted carrot blue flower pots ideas

If you see a few green leaves, you should cut off the weak plants and not interfere with the rest of the plants. Larger carrot leaves can be filled with more soil to avoid green lids. Within 2-3 months you can harvest sweet, rich carrots.

Beta carotene and antioxidant-rich carrots

Fruits - Vegetables - Cultivation - Pot - Carrot

Blueberries are a shrub that adapts very well to planting in a pot and produces many berries. Cranberry is famous for its antioxidant power. Cultivation of blueberries requires acidic soil. It is one of the few things you have to offer to grow well in a pot. Cranberries need a lot of sun and water. However, you should not give water too often. It is best to drink at least twice the organic fertilizer in the summer, and this nutrition will be enough all year round. To ensure fruit production, you need to have at least two blueberry plants in your garden.

Fruits grown in pots

Fruit and Vegetable Growing Blueberry Planter Idea

Strawberries are plants that grow naturally. When growing in a pot, she does not have the opportunity to expand too much to improve fruit production. To grow strawberries, you need to use tall containers to let the plants fall sideways.

Strawberries rich in pots

Fruits and vegetables can grow strawberry ideas.

You can place the pot with strawberries near sunny windows or under artificial lighting. This way, the strawberry will continue to grow and bear fruit. Do not let fruit stay in plants too often. With a few strawberry plants you will always be full of your fruit bowls.

Plant strawberries in the pot.

Fruits and vegetables grow red strawberry idea pot

This beautiful tree is the best choice when growing fruit at home. I will never be disappointed. Thanks to its abundance of evergreen leaves, flowers and large and fragrant yellow fruits, it is hard and very attractive all year round. If you live in the north, this lemon tree should be kept indoors.

Fresh lemon at home

Fruits and vegetables grow lemon ideas.

Lemons can grow very large when grown in large containers, so pruning may sometimes be necessary to maintain the desired height. Small trees begin to bear fruits in the second and third grades. Regular watering and feeding of land is necessary in spring and summer.

Grow lemons at home.

Fruit and vegetable pot lemon fostering tree ideas

There are all kinds of apples on the market, and it depends on the season. But it is fun to pick your own fresh apple and have your own tree to eat next to the tree. There are several kinds of dwarf apples you can grow. This type of apple tree does not require pruning.

A very original and interesting option is apple.

Fruits and vegetables can grow apple ideas.

The main stalk is straight and has many branches that bear flowers and fruit. These are small growing trees, but need a large flower pot. Choose one or more trees and breeds that match the climate.

Apples grown in a pot

Fruits and vegetables grow small apple bowl ideas.

Pepper is a kind of vegetable that can grow in a pot without much worry. They can grow in various colors and sizes throughout the year. You can enjoy the benefits of getting the maximum amount of sunshine during the day, but if the night temperature is too low, you will have to go inside.

Very hot red peppers growing at home

Fruits and vegetables grow red pepper ideas.

To get better harvest, please water regularly if the plant is hot. Fertilizer can be put every two weeks. Tomato liquid fertilizer is provided. When the first flower appears, let it fertilize and continue until you collect the last fruit.

Bell pepper growing in a pot

Fruits and vegetables grow green pepper ideas.

If you grow tomatoes in the garden, you can get plenty of harvest in the seasons, but if you have a pot with tomatoes, you can get fresh tomatoes all year round. Just provide fertile soil that combines organic fertilizers or equivalent parts of earthworm humus.

Small tomatoes growing in the house

Fruits and vegetables grow tomato ideas.

To get healthy tomatoes, keep the soil moist. Sprinkle water less frequently in the summer, so that the roots do not rot in the middle of summer. As time grows, you have to water almost every day.

Idea of ​​tomato in pot

Grow fruit and vegetables, tomato cherry ideas